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RANGREZZ MOVIE REVIEW: Was Priyadarshan trying to do an ANKUSH?

Director :  Priyadarshan
Music :  Sajid-Wajid, Sundar C. Babu
Lyrics :  Sameer
Starring :  Jackky Bhagnani, Priya Anand and Rajpal Yadav

March 23, 2013 10:24:24 AM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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RANGREZZ is the story of three out-of-work friends who pass time in restaurants. Their leader Jackky Bhagnani does most of his talking with the fist. We are told that he has passed his written and physical examinations for a job in the police force. Only the interview is pending. So the cops go soft on him when he has just been picked up along with his friends after a skirmish in a restaurant.

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Soon, another friend of his lands up in Mumbai from Uttar Pradesh. This guy here sports a long face and a well-kept beard. Reason we learn is that the girl he loves is being married off to another boy by her father. His mother is a politician and her father is a reputed and feared businessman in that area.

So these three guys here decide to kidnap the girl and get the two married. Just like that. No finding out who these people are, why the match is not working out. You can excuse this move by the director by calling it the impetuosity of youth.

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These guys here go to UP and kidnap the girl from a temple in a grand style and get the two love-birds married. In the bargain, one loses his leg and another, his hearing. But they are happy that they at least got two lovers together.

A few months later, these two lovers have had enough of each other and they decide to part ways. These three heroes here know nothing about it. When they do learn, they are livid. They now kidnap the two and leave them in a deserted spot. I guess they might have reconciled.
Then the film moves to two years later where three other friends come to a police station threatening to kidnap their friends in order to help them get married. The cop here in the station is (no prizes for guessing), Jackky Bhagnani.

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view RANGREZZ poster

I have two questions to the script writers.

1) What were the youngsters thinking when they decide to take the law in their hands and that too in UP?

2) Why has the death of Jackky's grandmother not been investigated?

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The first half is interesting while the second just drags and drags. To top it the soundtrack is so annoying that you leave the theatre holding your hands to your ears. Shambu, shambu, shambu it keeps on banging in the background.

Vijay Verma who plays the role of Pakya catches the eye with his performance. As for the heroine, she hardly has any screen time. But the little time that she manages to come on screen, Priya Anand hooks you, just like she did in ENGLISH VINGLISH. It's sad that a talent has not been given enough space here because the hero wants to hog all the limelight.

Was Priyadarshan trying to do an ANKUSH?

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1.5/ 5 stars
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