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Revolver Rani Movie Review : Kangana Ranaut's film is abysmal

 Revolver Rani
Director :  Sai Kabir
Music :  Sanjeev Srivastava
Lyrics :  Puneet Sharma and Shaheen Iqbal
Starring :  Kangana Ranaut, Vir Das, Piyush Mishra and Zakir Hussain

April 25, 2014 3:10:48 PM IST
updated March 9, 2015 4:17:50 PM IST
Revolver Rani Review By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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There's something strange about Sai Kabir's REVOLVER RANI; strange in a queer sense. The movie has a nice plot but no soul. Everything happens at the surface level without seeping even an inch into the plot. When it does, it is very late... at the very end. It's almost like an apology by the director who remembers that this is a gangster flick and some eerie evil needs to be injected into the proceedings.

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For the entire first half, and a major part of the second half, you are treated to a parody of sorts. Also, ninety per cent of the movie is shot in low light. And what is the biggest disaster is the casting of Vir Das as Rohan Mehra, the Mumbai lad with big Bollywood dreams who pursues the dacoit, Alka (Kangana Ranaut).

Das is a complete misfit in this role. No, I'm not saying he has acted badly; just that his role and presence belies the very objectivity of good film-making. What was required here was raw intensity, not foolish pranks. As the good-looking dude who seduces Alka for his own needs, he is very unconvincing. Watching Das in the scheme of things is like having sambhar with noodles. Where's the schezwan sauce, Kabir?

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Having said that, blaming Das alone is not right because the plot only sees the light of day towards the end.

But for Kangana fans, this one is another gem. Her make-up matches her mood as she goes bang bang with her revolver, single-handedly spreading a reign of terror within her opposition in Gwalior. Even though she has lost the elections, she is feared by those in power.

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download REVOLVER RANI wallpapers

Then comes Das into her life; she falls in love and Das is trapped. His Bollywood dream goes into a limbo when he is caught two-timing Alka.

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You are then treated to some staple scenes necessary in a film of this genre before the final brutal twist in the tale.

REVOLVER RANI may have looked good at the planning stage; the final product is abysmal.

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