SAAT UCHAKKEY Movie Review: Wickedly funny dark and outrageous

Saat Uchakkey
Director : Sanjeev Sharma
Music : Bapi, Tutul, Jaidev Kumar, Saket Singh, Niranjan Khound and Vivek Kar
Lyrics : Amir Khusrow, Rakesh Kumar (Kumaar) and Sahil Sultanpuri
Starring : Manoj Bajpayee, Anupam Kher, Kay Kay Menon, Annu Kapoor, Vijay Raaz and Aditi Sharma

October 14, 2016 12:11:57 PM IST
Saat Uchakkey Review By Vishal Verma, Glamsham Editorial
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A new chapter in absurd hilarity, SAAT UCHAKKEY is a desi ode to Guy Ritche and Coen Brothers. First timer Sanjeev Sharma graduates from a lyricist to a shameless filmmaker who is not at all ashamed to make terrific talents like Bajpayee, Menon, Vijay Raz go berserk in cussing each other in this dark, wicked humour that is targeted to make the lovers of this genre go wild with laughter while making others cringe and accused all on screen for this surreal absurdity in the name of humour.


Well but as an argument, if Brad Pitt and George Clooney can do it in BURN AFTER READING then why not Bajpayee, Menon, Raz and co? Point taken!

So does Sanjeev Sharma brings in any novelty in his fascination to this mad, witty, dark world? Yes, but more in treatment and less in plot which is as cliche as 'dev babu's chutki bhar sindoor' from potboilers we are seeing since ages.

What makes SAAT UCHAKKEY stand out in its quirkiness is the rustic, down town edginess powered by the grit and gusto of the north Indian street smart bohemianism sharpened by some genuine smart writing and knock out performances.

Director Sanjeev Sharma and his co-writer Sandeep Saket tell a story about seven petty criminals in purani (old) Dilli who choose theft by chance and not by choice. Pappi (Manoj Bajpaye) who deals in antique pieces is in debt and wants to improve his fortune. A weird encounter with a fugitive from a mental asylum Bachchi (Annu Kapoor) informs Pappi about a huge hidden treasure buried underneath an old haveli (mansion) owned by an equally surreal Diwan (Anupam Kher) who is still stuck in the era of Rajeev Gandhi.

Pappi with his buddies Haggu (Nitin Bhasin) and Khappe (Aparshakti Khurrana) form a team with the local street-smart gangster Jaggi (Vijay Raaz) and his allies Ajji (Vipul Nag) and Babbe (Jatin Sharma) to perform the loot.

Inspector Tejpal (Kay Kay Menon) - the unwanted competition in Pappi's love life - Sona (Aditi Sharma) is the spoil sport.

How the grand heist gets planned in quirky, wicked but funny encounters and how things take a dark turn forms the crux of this film.

The sense of repeated deja vu from Bollywood and west movies coming from this genre can be smelled but the continuous gags and outrageously funny punch lines makes the day.

The lingo, the atmosphere the feel is accurately pitched. Sanjoy Chowdhury's background score deserves special mention. John Jocob Payyapalli's wonderful camerawork and Vikram Singh's art direction captures the essence of Delhi in the desired colors. Shree Narayan Singh's editing is crisp.

The movie boosts top acting talents of Bollywood who excel. Manoj Bajpayee as Pappi is sheer brilliance, the actor uses the character as a prop to deliver a masterly performed act that get enhanced by mannerisms and methodness every now and then.

Kay Kay Menon delivers a marvelous act and gets into the skin of the character with such ease that it is difficult to differentiate.

Vijay Raaz is sheer delight and terrifically entertaining. Anupam Kher is fine and Annu Kapoor adds the weird quirkiness and dark quotient.

Haggu (Nitin Bhasin) and Khappe (Aparshakti Khurrana) are competent while Ajji (Vipul Nag) and Babbe (Jatin Sharma) chip in with valuable support.

Strictly for the lovers of this genre, the climax may be food for debate but never the less; SAAT UCHAKKEY is a welcome debut by Sanjeev Sharma as a talent to look out for. The movie that boasts Bollywood's refined talents may not sustain its brilliance throughout its entire run but it keeps on cooking something that makes the nerds of this genre amused throughout.

 Saat Uchakkey Review Rating : 
3/5 stars
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