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Second Marriage Dot Com Movie Review

 Second Marriage Dot Com
Director :  Gaurav Panjwani
Music :  Manan Munjal and Aditya Agarwal
Lyrics :  Aditya Agarwal and Malay
Starring :  Mohit Chauhan, Charu Rohtagi, Vishal Nayak, Sayani Gupta, Nikita More, Rajat Bhalla, Manjeet Tiger, Ankit Sharma, Sapanpreet Kaur, Amit Bhimrot, Kanisha Malhotra, Jaydev Parashar, Saptaraj Chakraborty, Raman Atre, Manav Mehta, Syna Anand and Rishi Punia

August 10, 2012 12:49:40 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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SECOND MARRIAGE DOT COM has a good storyline, but the flaw lies in its execution and getting into unnecessary scenes that actually need not be there. For instance, I don't understand this fixation with Catholic Priests. No school has any principal speaking the way this principal does in the opening scene, that too in his full priestly outfit. Debutante director Gaurav Panjwani falters at the first hurdle itself.

Thankfully, because of the strong storyline, he is able to steer the sinking ship to clear waters and allow the audience to have a rather pleasant journey. It's a novel idea which stands out and lets you know that it is okay to do what you think is right without bothering too much about society.

The issue here is of two youngsters who have put the profiles of their respective parents on, a portal that encourages widowers and divorcees to have a go at companionship.

Newcomers Akshay Narang (Vishal Nayak) from Delhi and Poonam Upadhayay (Sayani Gupta) from Jaipur connect with each other after putting the profiles of their father and mother respectively. It's an awkward situation for the two as they want their parents to meet and see if they have a future together. Both parents, understandably, are uncomfortable at this thought. But since the kids insist, they meet. And since they like each other, they marry. All move into one big home in Delhi.

Suneel Narang (Mohit Chauhan) as the one who has lost his wife to an accident 20 years ago and Shoma Upadhayay (Charu Rohatgi) who divorced her husband a year after their marriage, 21 years ago, are top notch displaying their discomfort at their second innings as a married couple. Their honeymoon night, little instances of being close together, and finally the children sending them away for a night to 'get to know' each other is well captured.

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You would think that the worries of the kids of seeing their parent alone were solved. But another crops up as in a night of passion 'brother' and 'sister' go beyond the limits. Akshay and Poonam are now in a dilemma. Just when their parents are getting over their awkwardness of their proximity to each other, another situation arises where these two get too close to each other.

How will the parents react to their children getting intimate? Will society not scoff at a matrimonial alliance of this sort? Poonam knows this and distances herself from Akshay; while Akshay is sure he wants Poonam as his life partner? Will the parents agree?

Both Vishal and Sayani put up a good performance. Sayani, who is active in Bengali cinema has a confident body language and emotes well. Mohit and Charu light up the screen with their performances as well.

But for the opening scene and the scenes with the servants and the robbery and the doctor (all of which are unnecessary) the movie is a good watch. It does get you thinking about society and what would have been.

What really surprised me is that in one crucial scene between Vishal and Sayani, no background score is used, yet the scene is arresting. Its small things like these that perk up the movie.

It's a pity though that this movie will not be screened in many cinemas.

Rating - 2.5/5

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