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 Shakalaka Boom Boom
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Suneel Darshan
 Himesh Reshammiya
 Bobby Deol, Upen Patel, Celina Jaitley, Kangna Ranaut, Asrani, Anupam Kher

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Download Shakalaka Boom Boom WallpapersAJ is an established singer with five hit albums under his belt. The sixth is on its way. He has a good female fan following and is generally happy with the way the music industry has accepted him. The music company that has promoted him too is raking in the moolah. Reggie is an upcoming singer with an attitude. He writes good music as well as lyrics and the moment AJ meets him in the studio he feels threatened. He realizes his days at the top of the charts are numbered.

But pray, why does he have such insecurity? No one understands. Reggie has yet to release an album and no one has heard about him. He is popular in discos though. So Bobby Deol as AJ gets to play a negative role, while Upen Patel as Reggie comes out as the hero. If you are looking for a story, forget about it. There is none here. It’s one of those ‘leave your brain behind’ flicks that were so popular in the mid 90s.

The rest of the movie shows a fuming Bobby Deol planning Reggie’s downfall. If only he put in more energies in writing music, he would have had a few more hit albums!



Download Shakalaka Boom Boom WallpapersIt appears that director Suneel Darshan set out to make a thriller and ended up with this musical fiasco that has neither ‘sur’ nor ‘taal’!!! Talking about music, Himesh Reshammiya who has scored the music now sounds very predictable. Like AJ, it looks like he is proving to be no genius, with the same beats and tempo being heard in all his tracks.

Bobby Deol has no role to play. He is a good performer but this film has no script. Upen Patel has good screen presence and is intent on putting his best in any insipid role. To be honest, like I mentioned earlier, this boy has talent and he does impress. Kangana Ranaut is a notch better than Celina Jaitley, who it appears, is still in the RED mode. There is no difference in her portrayal of her role in this movie. It is an extension of Vikam Bhatt’s RED. Naturally, you see red!

The only time the movie is a movie is when Anupam Kher appears on screen for his cameo. But then he is an actor who is a league apart.

At the end you wonder why this movie was named so. Also, you wonder, why you sat through it in the first place. To analyze it in one line, it’s as boring as DELHI HEIGHTS.

Ratings: 1/5


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