SHIVAAY Movie Review: Ajay Devgn excels in this routine action feast

Director : Ajay Devgn
Music : Mithoon
Lyrics : Sandeep Shrivastava, Sayeed Quadri and Aditya Sharma
Starring : Ajay Devgn, Sayyeshaa, Erika Kaar, Abigail Eames, Vir Das, Girish Karnad and Saurabh Shukla

October 28, 2016 10:24:52 AM IST
Shivaay Review By Vishal Verma, Glamsham Editorial
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Bollywood's Diwali's favorite superstar Ajay Devgn (GOLMAAL series, SON OF SARDAR) this time aims the high altitude of box office success as a director in SHIVAAY.

After a disappointing debut in U ME AUR HUM (a feeble copy/inspiration of director Nick Cassavetes THE NOTEBOOK), Ajay Devgn makes a comeback as a helmer after eight years in this emotional action thriller. His earlier directorial was majorly shot on cruise liner, SHIVAAY favors the snow capped mountains of Himalayas and Bulgaria.


However, though the snow capped mountain peaks are brilliantly shot, the emotional action drama is strictly and purely routine that gets its elevation and peak moments in its breathtaking cinematography and gravity-defying stunt performances in which Ajay Devgn excels.

Minus the stunning locales and Ajay Devgn who is terrific in a tailor made role, SHIVAAY makes minimum sense as far as an innovative story, character development is concerned.

An action flick involving mountain adventure coming from an action superstar like Ajay Devgn gets you immensely excited that you feel the 'high' but lack of imagination, conviction to the sequence of events that include the seed of thought behind the title SHIVAAY (shiva with y, why) makes you feel like you're dropping from your 'peak' of expectations.

Wondering why such a thick-headed project required such a lavish expenditure in which the reason why the protagonist is called SHIVAAY is a mystery. Is it just a name and if it has to do something with Lord Shiva then it has nothing more than the 'chillum', The 'har' har' score and those tattoos on Ajay Devgn's chiseled body.

Sandeep Shrivastav scripts this routine story that is devoid of any writing glory which opens with a 'Jaanbaaz' (daredevil) mountaineer/guide/ Shivaay (Ajay Devgn) doing Army a favor. But that was to introduce Shivaay to us with that 'chillum', those tattoos and of course a gravity defying stunt. The story is something else. When not helping the Army, Shivaay leads a group of eager mountaineers. On one such expedition, Shivaay meets Olga Paramski (Erika Kaar). She can speak good Hindi and they fall in love which involves a heart stopping avalanche followed by an unbelievable 'hang' out moment that stands out as the most comical romantic sequence. Picture this-an avalanche is about to hit Shivaay and Olga but somehow Shivaay manages to sneak into this magical tent that amazingly hangs between two peaks giving them all the time in the world to express their feelings.

Shivaay and Olga have a love child Gaura (Abigail Eames). Olga who was not in favour of becoming a mother, so she leaves Gaura and Shivaay after giving birth to the child. Shivaay and Gaura are living a happy life until one day, the mute since birth Gaura finds out that her mother is alive and she stays in Bulgaria.

Shivaay after initial resistance stumbles over Gaura demands and they both leave for Bulgaria to meet Olga. In Bulgaria Gaura gets kidnapped by human traffickers and then begins a father's search for his daughter in an unknown land with the help of an employee from Indian embassy in Bulgaria - Anushka (Sayyeshaa), her friend Wahab (Vir Das) - a hacker. What happens next is anybody's guess but I bet nobody would have imagined the love triangle between Shivaay and Anushka coming all of a sudden like an unexpected natural calamity in a surreally shot song.

Forcing you to wonder what were the makers smoking from that 'chillum' while making this 'fillum'.

Ajay Devgn's story telling needs lots more to be desired. The action sequences are rightly done but the narration lacks finesse and a proper scene development, establishment is missing. The action superstar has forwarded the responsibility to thrill and make the audience involve to the stunt co-ordinators and the actors.

Ajay Devgn excels in the tailor made role and he is the saving grace of this routine thriller.

Abigail Eames as Gaura is a bundle of talent, the actress of Hollywood shows like LAWLESS makes a striking impact. Erika Kaar as Olga and Sayyeshaa as Anushka leave their mark. Vir Das entertains and he is the rare light moment in this dragged out action drama.

It was a pity to see a veteran like Girish Karnad reduced to a caricature and Saurab Shukla getting wasted. Unfortunately, Ajay Devgn doesn't get any crowd pleasing lines and the blame should rest on Sandeep Shrivastav who has not only wasted a good opportunity but also made fun of himself by some really corny incidents that turn unintentionally funny.

Music by Mithoon has nothing to hum along but the background score is thumping. Editor Dharmendra Sharma should have been provided an extra pair of scissors. The movie is tiresomely long by at least 30 minutes.

Last but not the least, the richness, lavishness of SHIVAAY is sheer genius of Aseem Bajaj's breathtakingly marvelous cinematography.

All said and done, Ajay Devgn fans will be watching it in any case but those who are still hooked to this, I will say that SHIVAAY is Ajay Devgn's weakest Diwali gift since GOLMAAL. SHIVAAY must have started with the ambition to reach the highest peak but unfortunately, gets buried in the avalanche of a routine story that lacked any glory.

 Shivaay Review Rating : 
2.5/5 stars
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