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SHREE Movie Review: Sizzling first half...

Director :  Rajesh Bachchani
Music :  Claver Menezes
Lyrics :  Rajesh Bachchani
Starring :  Hussain Kuwarjewala, K C Shankar, Rio Kapadiya, Shivani Tanskale, Anjali Patil, Jitendra Vashishth, Varsha Dandale and Kaushik Kinjawdekar

April 26, 2013 07:40:52 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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The entire duration of the first half of SHREE, a science fiction, is riveting. It keeps you in the thick of things. It also makes you draw your own conclusion as to what is actually happening on screen.

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Shreedhar Udaphyay (Hussain Kuwajerwala) lives in a Goregaon chawl and works as an accountant for a Telecom Company. His girlfriend, who lives in the neighborhood (Anjali Patil), and he have plans of buying a new home before they get married. At the bus stop on his way to work, he brushes into someone carrying large boards. The idea was to take his blood sample. So far so good!

The sample matches with what the people behind the experiment are looking for. He is called and given an enticing offer. He is paid Rs 10 lakh as advance. Apart from the money, he is also promised a plush apartment and a BMW. After the assignment, he will be given another Rs 10 lakhs along with a promotion as the head of operations in Mumbai.

For that to materialize, he has to give 12 hours of his life. He bites the bait, but as he is slipping into unconsciousness, he fights to change his decision. He wants to give the money back. But it's too late. The deal has been struck. The potent mixture has been gulped down. Twelve hours of his life will now alter the course of his future.

You are treated to some interesting interplay between scenes which makes you wonder whether you are keeping in pace or not with the story-telling. Superb is one word to describe the entire first half.

Immediately after the interval, some explanation is given about 'Time Fissure' by the scientist involved in the experiment along with the Police Commissioner of Mumbai, the head honcho of the telecom company Shree works for, and his close associate.

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You then know that all the hard work is flattened in one cruel blow. Bit by bit, the jigsaw of the first half is being pieced together for Shree who has lost sense of time. He is now the most wanted man for the murder of the Police Commissioner. The scientist is also dead and Shree is on the run. The 12 hours he sold will come back to haunt him.

Hussain makes an impact with his move from telly to the big screen. He is arresting in his portrayal of a confused man in search of his 'lost 12 hours'. He fits the role to the 'T' making you a part of his ordeal. Impressive. It reminded me of AAMIR (the 2008 movie) and Rajeev Khandelwal's debut from TV to the big screen. But unlike SHREE, AAMIR was a thriller from start to finish.

First time director Rajesh Bachchani loses the plot after the first half. What would have been a sizzling fare fizzles out. By the time the layers are being peeled off, you are losing interest. For one, the film should have been 20 minutes shorter. Secondly, the confusing layers add to 'convenient Bollywood scripting'. This shows lack of depth in writing and this is where SHREE takes a beating.

Nevertheless, if only for the first half, this film is worth a watch.

 Rating : 
3/ 5 stars
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