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Music :
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Starring :
 Pawan Kaul
 Anu Malik
 Praveen Bhardwaj
 Dino Morea, Tanisha, Karan Nath, Simone Singh, VJ Gaurav

By Kshama Rao

Pawan Kaul's debut directorial film Sssshhh… is a slasher flick but unlike some recent whodunits, which fall flat in post-interval, this one hits the nail in the climax. In fact, the identity of the killer (or should we say 'killers') is quite a revelation and so is the motive for killing. At least, it's believable.

Mehak (Tanisha) is a young, college going kid stalked by her elder sister's (Simone Singh) killer. A black-cloaked figure with a mask of a clown for a face stalks her even in her house and attempts to kill her many times. Mehak lives with her painter mother (Maya Alagh) and misses her father who years ago left them for another woman and subsequently died. Mehak's only solace are her friends consisting of childhood pal Rocky (Dino Morea), Suraj (Karan Nath), Rajat (VJ Gaurav) and a couple of girl friends. Even as Mehak evades murder attempts on her, she becomes a nervous wreck. On the trail of the serial killer are the cops (Shivaji Satam and Aly Khan).

In the meanwhile, Mehak and Suraj fall in love while Rocky has a soft corner for her. Post-interval the film moves to Bangkok with her friends deciding to give Mehak a holiday break. But the stalker chases her even there. Secluded on an island, the seven friends are trying to have a good time when one after the other they get bumped off (a la Gumnaam). Needless to say, only the three lead players - Mehak, Suraj and Rocky - are left clutching for their dear lives when the director decides to put an end to the game once and for all.
On the flip side of the film is the poor quality of the picture, which gives it a very gloomy, jaded look (probably that was intentional) as there is a constant undertone of anxiety throughout. Also the first half gets a bit boring after Mehak thwarts the killer's attempts. Besides, a situation arises in the film when the stalker could have easily killed Mehak but then the director chooses to prolong the drama. Also missing, is the emotional component in the film. Though there is a love triangle in the film, you hardly see any romantic/tender moments between Mehak, Rocky and Suraj. Probably, the director wanted to just focus on the killer, not digress into romantic interludes. Also, the music is a big downer.

On the positive side are the performances. Dino, Karan and Gaurav come up with decent performances while Tanisha who makes her big debut is good enough. Though for most part of the film, she cries and screams, she still shows a flair for acting.

All said and done, Pawan Kaul who is known for some slick work on television carries his reputation on to the big screen as well. Next time, probably he will better himself.

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