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 Suno Sasurji
Director :
Starring :
 Vimal Kumar
 Aftab Shivdasani, Amisha Patel, Kader Khan, Asrani.

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In this film, you can watch Aftab Shivdasani and Kader Khan cross crass words over what looks a like a bad hair day for David Dhawan.

"Suno Sasurji" isn't directed by Dhawan. But it reeks of a third-hand imitation of the emperor of bawdiness. While director Vimal Kumar makes a monstrously feeble attempt to do a Dhawan, Aftab does a Govinda. Amisha Patel doesn't even try to do anything.

From "Coolie No.1" to "Hero No.1", we've seen Govinda and Kader Khan play the wannabe son-in-law and father-in-law. While the Khan-Govinda pair occasionally caused us to break into laughter, Aftab and the fast-fading Khan with a once-funny now-plainly exasperating Asrani thrown in as a bonus make us worry about the future of comic cinema in this country.

Heckling women, passing crude comments about every character, not to mention narrative and technical glitches that carpet the frames like a poisonous creeper...these are the mainstay of the anarchic farce.

Often while watching this brain dead atrocity, one wonders how the technicians involved in this criminal wastage of raw footage have given their name to something so low-grade.

The film has obviously undergone several years of tortuous revisions before limping into the theatre. The plot takes off at a tangent often. A subplot in Dubai about a woman who mistakes Kader Khan for her husband pops up just as suddenly as it disappears.

Assorted villains from Shakti Kapoor to Gulshan Grover show up in quirky succession and vanish just as quickly, as though the bad guys were hired and fired in accordance with the director's growing confusions.

Arguably "Suno Sasurji" is the worst comedy ever produced in India. It shames not just the actors and the crew, but also the audience.

Somewhere in the distance is that nebulous mass of illiterate viewers at whom this film is directed. The level of performances, music and production values indicate an absolute famine of creativity.

If enough people watched this film, it could finish off the lead pair's doddering careers. As for the once-engaging Khan, he has become a pathetic caricature of his comic self.

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