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The BFG Movie Review: Big B enthralls this visually stunning family entertainer

 The BFG
Director :  Steven Spielberg
Music :  John Williams
Starring :  Amitabh Bachchan, Parineeti Chopra and Gulshan Grover (Voiceover)

July 28, 2016 10:04:25 AM IST
The BFG Review By Vishal Verma, Glamsham Editorial
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A sweet adaptation of Roald Dahl's classic for a visually stunning feel good family entertainer, Speilberg's return to dreams, adventure and unlikely friends after the political and biographical seriousness seen in BRIDGE OF SPIES, LINCOLN) - THE BFG (BADE FARISHTAY JI in Hindi) is a triumph for three prime reasons.


First: The Lanky, long-limbed, 24 foot tall, giant that Spielberg has created with Mark Rylance in this brilliant motion capture that serves as a testimony on marvels the minds of technology and heart of a story teller can 'dream' of.

Second: The deep baritone of India's most recognized voice - Amitabh Bachchan couldn't have asked for anything 'big' ger then this loving 'daitya' (giant) to showcase the icon's impeccable dialogue delivery in that broken accent that has a slight tang of Bhojpuri - knowingly planned to please the 'hindi' belt in India.

And last but not the least, Speilberg's The BFG (The BFG (BADE FARISHTAY JI) though not as dramatic and action packed as his previous motion capture THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN, the reunion with the late E.T. THE EXTRA - TERRESTRIAL screenwriter Melissa Mathison (died last November) serves enough reason to place Spielberg at the helm when it comes to making films for family. Even after 34 years the director can still take a shot of a new age E.T. with this kid fantasy.

Opening with Spielberg's trusted ally in cinematographer Janusz Kaminski who gives an eerie atmosphere where an orphan Sophie (Ruby Barnhill - voiced by Pareeniti Chopra) and the lurking BFG (Mark Rylance - voiced by Amitabh Bachchan ) spy each other one night in London. Before Sophie could realize, she is transported to the Giant Country in a 'jhola' (small carry bag made of cloth) by BFG.

Sophie is mesmerized by the world of BFG - production designer Rick Carter makes it splendidly adventurous with that Giant home in caves, the world of dreams that BFG visits every day. Soon Sophie realizes that BFG is a kind hearted soul - a vegetarian who has very little options for his food like that weird looking king size vegetable.

The predictable Stockholm syndrome between the beauty and the beast happens but in between the predictability there are some gems of moments when BFG captures dreams enthusiastically like a kid catches a butterfly and stores them inside a glass jar. To reduce the 'sin's of his fellow non vegetarian - man eating, insect eating, blood drinking giants, BFG at nights blows those captured dreams into sleeping children and adults.

Always bullied by the bad giants lead by Jemaine Clement (voiced by Gulshan Grover) who one day smells Sophie - the 'human bean' spelling danger.

What follows is a fairy tale of an unusual friendship, fight for what is right and believe in dreams in which the good wins over evil with some help from the Queen of London.

Dahl's writings have an unusual amalgamation of creativity and wicked humour making readers thrilled and amused. Though Melissa and Speilberg had toned it 'sweetly' down for big screen adaptation, a section of adults may find the Queen sequence juvenile and the 'fart' jokes outrageous.

Big B's on screen association with unusual creatures and kid bonding gets a new 'voice' in BFG after the BHOOTHNATH series. The Hindi dubbing is fine and Parineeti Chopra chips in with good support. Baddie Gulshan Grover gets limited time to raise his voice.

Moving in a lyrical pace with the action and drama not up to the heights of a Spielberg adventure, THE BFG (BADE FARISHTAY JI) still wins handsomely on its merits of bringing emotions, magic, dreams and an unusual friendship alive on the silver screen.

The winning and loving digital Mark Rylance as the good giant, Spielberg's remarkable ability to make us believe in dreams again and of course the magnificent Big B mesmerizing all the way in his deep baritone as the good friendly Giant, THE BFG (BADE FARISHTAY JI) is the family stuff Disney and Spielberg are known for.

 The BFG Review Rating : 
3.5/5 stars

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