TUM BIN 2 Movie Review: Decently performed throwback

Tum Bin 2
Director : Anubhav Sinha
Music : Ankit Tiwari
Lyrics : Manoj Muntashir and Shakeel Azmi
Starring : Neha Sharma, Aditya Seal and Aashim Gulati

November 18, 2016 4:04:25 PM IST
Tum Bin 2 Review By Vishal Verma, Glamsham Editorial
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After 15 years director Anubhav Sinha revisits his first shot as a big screen director - TUM BIN with this sequel. The musical in 2001 was a surprise hit thanks to its melodious music. The sequel after 15 years stays loyal to its theme, plot, gloss in its attempt to moist our eyes with the same emotions of love, destiny, choice and the guilt stricken influence of Rajesh Khanna's DUSHMAN (1971). TUM BIN 2 is a throwback that is decently performed by the actors.


Anubhav Sinha adds nothing novel in this sequel which begins with Amar (Aashim Gulati) and Taran (Neha Sharma) going for a vacation in the snow capped mountains of Scotland and an accident separates Amar from Taran. The grief stricken Taran is consoled by Amar's 'papaji' (Kanwaljit Singh) and Amar's two sisters. One day Shekhar (Aditya Seal) walks in their life as a ray of hope and things start changing.

Taran and Shekhar start developing feelings towards each other while the image of Amar still keeps her haunting with the mesmerizing 'Fariyad' sung by the legendary Jagjit Singh and Rekha Bhardwaj.

Soon Amar makes a comeback creating a mess in the life of Taran who is now torn between her past and her present.

As said earlier as a writer Anubhav Sinha fails to add anything new to the one woman two men triangle in this sequel, this century old theme was better presented by him in the original. Though here he manages to give some endearing moments between Amar's sisters and Taran. Gurmeet's episode with her boyfriend from the neighboring country and the entire family meeting scene is funny.

But alas, the same good moments between the lovers are missing. Anubhav Sinha's direction is safe and simple. If we say Anubhav has replaced TUM BIN in today's time it won't be wrong but it's just a replacement mind you, not a remix.

TUM BIN 2 could have been a good debate on the idea of first love but Anubhav Sinha goes back to those cliches of triangular love stories we have seen since ages in the second half and round of sacrifices from men follow.

The director's desperate attempt to make us cry spoils the show plus the music of the sequel fails to reach the standards set by the original 15 years ago. Yes 'Fariyad' is an exception that keeps haunting and reminds of the genius we had in Jagjit Singh.

Performance wise, it's an earnest approach where Neha Sharma does her part well in her capacity. New comers Aashim Gulati, Aditya Seal are fine. We didn't expect a moon from them either.

Seasoned performer Kanwaljit Singh is fantastic. Sandali Sinha - the lead actress from the original appears for a one scene cameo and looks good.

Production values are rich and in technicalities Ewan Mulligan's Cinematography is marvelous.

TUM BIN when released fifteen years ago was pitted against Amitabh Bachchanan's AKS. Interestingly, both the movies introduced new directors to the industry. Anubhav Sinha made his first feature film debut with TUM BIN and Rakesh Mehra debuted with AKS.

AKS was a commercial failure but Rakesh Mehra's storytelling techniques made its mark and today he is still a force to reckon with in spite of MIRZYA and DELHI 6. Ironically TUM BIN became a hit but Anubhav Sinha even after 15 years is found struggling to make his independent mark as a director. The sequel of TUM BIN was perfect platform for Anubhav to make some serious noise as a filmmaker but alas! Still we keep this 'fariyad' (desire) in our dil (hearts) that Anubhav Sinha just not stick with endearing moments alone in his cinema, he gives an endearing 2+ hours cinema in future... a hint of 2019 was given in the film... just guessing.

 Tum Bin 2 Review Rating : 
2.5/5 stars
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