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VEERAPPAN Movie Review: RGV loses the plot in the jungles...

Director :  Ram Gopal Varma
Music :  Jeet Gannguly
Starring :  Sandeep Bhardwaj, Sachiin Joshi, Usha Jadhav and Lisa Ray

May 27, 2016 2:37:31 PM IST
Veerappan Review By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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This is a biopic month. After AZHAR and SARBJIT comes VEERAPPAN in quick succession. What you look for is not what you get. While the makers of AZHAR gave a disclaimer in the beginning of the film stating that it was not a biopic or actual representation of Mohammed Azharuddin or any of the characters depicted in the film, SARBJIT gave no such disclaimer.


VEERAPPAN, however, also has a disclaimer on the lines of AZHAR. So basically, this film is on parts of the life of the sandalwood smuggler (obviously an inspiration) who gained notoriety over the years for his poaching, killing of Elephants for their tusks, sandalwood and killing officers of the Special task Force who dared to have a duel with him in the jungles of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Very early, we are shown him hacking a forest official before killing him mercilessly and his chases deep within the jungles with policemen where he always won. So the ploy was to get him out to kill him. Inside the jungle, he was king.

This is how the story is dealt with, told in parts by Sachiin Joshi, who plays the officer heading the force to nab Veerappan.

After many attempts they do manage to lure him out of the jungle on the pretext of taking him to meet Prabhakaran, the LTTE commander from Sri Lanka, of who he was a great fan (that's what we are told in the film). Their ambulance in which they are travelling is ambushed as planned and the gangster and his colleagues are flattened by bullets.

In between we have his wife who is captured and is living as a paying guest with Lisa Ray, whose husband it was that was chopped in the first scene. This again is a move to nab Veerappan after gaining the confidence of his wife Muthulakshmi played by Usha Jadav. Usha, along with Sandeep Bharadwaj who plays Veerappan are the only two characters who lend credibility to the goings-on on screen.

What really gets to you is the background score that goes boom, boom, boom, every time there is an action scene in the jungle, some jungle scenes, or scenes where not much is happening. RGV tries to hit out at you, any which way.

After all this, you are waiting for Zareen Khan to come on screen somewhere in between for her 'Khallas' act. There is no sign of the girl on whose birthday the track was released recently. Maybe, it would come in the end. So I waited patiently for over five minutes until all the credits rolled by.

No sign of Zareen Khan and Khallas.

This is good news for Ishaa Koppikar whose item number remains in good COMPANY.

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2/5 stars
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