WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Movie Review: An unintentional horror

Wedding Anniversary
Director : Shekhar S. Jha
Music : Abhishek Ray
Starring : Nana Patekar, Mahie Gill, Shruti Marathe, Yatin Kayrekar, Kanika Dang, Bhupesh Singh and Shivani Mahajan

February 24, 2017 4:14:15 PM IST
Wedding Anniversary Review By Vishal Verma, Glamsham Editorial
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Man. Won't be surprised if the makers of Vidya Balan's KAHAANI sue the makers of this unintentional horror for using their title for Mahie Gill's character name.


Shekhar S Jha's WEDDDING ANNIVERSARY is an unintentional horror that makes us wonder what on earth are talents like Nana Patekar and Mahie Gill doing in this flick? Na Na Na Re. Na Re Na.

Unbelievable to the core WEDDING ANNIVERSARY is the story of Kahani (Mahie Gill) a housewife waiting for her husband Nirbhay (Priyanshu Chatterjee) in Goa on her wedding anniversary. As Kahani is making all the arrangements that include a rejuvenating body massage, shopping, ordering cakes, cooking her hubby's favourite curry, the date gets delayed due to a dream job offer to Nirbhay but instead of feeling happy for a probable better future prospect, Kahani is cringed and angry on Nirbhay.

She keeps on changing clothes after every hour and while reading a book titled 'Pratibimb' (reflection) by his favourite author Nagarjun (Nana Patekar), Mahie goes asleep. The door bell rings and its Nagarjun at the door. Strangely Kahani fails to recognize her favourite author and shoos him away.

Very soon she realizes her folly and lets Nagarjun in and problems for all of us begin. Nagarjun cracks poetry and gyan (knowledge) on life and relationships without any warning, provocation or a request. Immediately you start feeling that this is a huge mistake. A theatre act has got filmed for unknown reasons.

Shekhar S Jha succeeds in his desperate attempt to make an unbearable film where characters change clothes and pop up without any rhyme or reason. Picture this... Kahani goes upstairs to get new clothes for Nagarjun, confused that every dress smells of her hubby Nirbhay, she changes her clothes instead and comes down. Nagarjun has just come out of bath but poor fellow has to wear the same clothes. Suddenly

Nagarjun while giving one of his unwanted gyan crosses a pillar and bingo... he is in the Goa get up, floral shirt and all. Magic of cinema isn't it. Forget it.

So Kahani and Nagarjun roam around Goa and we pass through a bunch of firangs (foreigners) paying a beggar to capture her cleavage on camera. A young tourist guide making merry of foreign tourists innocence. An elderly couple quarreling due to a misunderstanding, and take a deep breath an item song at some place where a cougar makes a direct pass towards a young lad. Sad.

In the end Kahani wakes up from her dream while the audience is stunned as Nirbhay is finally inside the house celebrating his wedding anniversary with Kahani cutting the same pineapple cake which Kahani shared with Nagarjun.

How dare you make such black comedies or unintentional horrors? WEDDING ANNIVERSARY mein strangers ka aana mana hai.. ha ha ha..

(For its successful release)
 Wedding Anniversary Review Rating : 
1/5 stars
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