Panzer Song Lyrics from ‘Battle of the Bulge’

Check out the song lyrics of Panzer Song from the movie Battle of the Bulge

Whether it storms or snows,
whether the sun smiles upon us,
The day be burning hot,
or the night be ice cold

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Dusty are our faces,
but joyful is our mind,
yes, our mind.
Our tank roars forward there
into the storm’s wind .


With thundering engines,
they be as fast as lightning,
against the enemies,
Sheltered in the tank,

Ahead of all our comrades,
in battle we stand alone,
we stand alone.
So we push deep
into the enemy’s ranks

If a hostile tank appears before us,
With full throttle we run at the enemy
(orders) will be given.
What do our lives matter
for our Reich’s army? Yes, Reich’s army.


To die for Germany
is our highest honor.
To die for Germany
is our highest honor.

With obstacles and mines
the opponent holds us up,
We do laugh about it and
don’t drive upon them.

And before us guns do threaten
hidden in the yellow sand,
yes, yellow sand.
We search a way out
that no other had yet found.


And if we’re left behind
by treacherous luck,
And if we can’t return
back home again,

If Death’s bullet does find us,
and calls our fate away,
yes, our fate away.
Then our tank will become
an honorable rigid grave.