Song lyrics : My Wish Comes True


Singer : Sunitha Sarthy
Music Director : A. R Rehman, Ismail Darbar
Writer : Javed Akhter

Hold Me Let Me Feel You
In My Arms Again
Softly You Whisper My Life
My Best Friend.

A Moment Is All I’m Searching For
Just A Moment In Love With You
A Moment So Special So Beautiful
In A Moment My Wish Come True


Save Me From The Future
Take Me Back In Time
The Words They Have No Meaning
Without You In My Life

Let Me Walk The Rainbow
In Times Of Sweet Surprise
To When I Was A Little Girl
And I Had You In My Life
Time Has No Answer
For Words Left Unsaid
For Words Have No Meaning
There’s No Read Ahead

( A Moment Is… My Wish Comes True )


I Am Looking For A Reason
To Smile Once Again
Through Every Changing Season
The Pain I Can’t Explain
I See The Magic All Around
Shining Down On Me
With You My Life Would Be So Right
If Only It Could Be

May Be This World Is A Mystery To Me… (2)
But If You Could Be Here For Eternity

( A Moment Is… My Wish Comes True )… (2)


My Wish Comes True