Song Lyrics of Caught Up by Majid Jordan


How many wrongs can I right? How many? 
How many wrongs in a night? 
How many wrongs in a night? 

Oh, Ooo caught up in LA yeah yeah yeah. 
Caught up in a race yeah yeah yeah. 
I’m Trying to keep faith. 
Trying to stay real not fake, man. 
Caught up in LA, yeah yeah. 
Get the Louie from the Louie store straight. 
Packing it up sending it to your place.
Calling you up just so I can touch base. 
I hate how you’re so far away.

Nobody’s perfect, I’ve made my mistakes. 
Nobody’s perfect, I learned the hard way. 
I wish you could be here.
I miss your embrace. 
Can’t wait to hold you this time. 
Can’t wait I told you I can’t wait. 
You make me feel like I can’t lose. 
Yeah that’s right I want to get to you.


You’re all I believe in. I wanna show you everything. 
You’re my strength not my weakness, yeah your secrets are safe. 
Just like your heart is. 
But I’m caught up in LA like a movie. 
Stuck here on replay.
Want you on repeat when you come see me yeah.

How many wrongs can I right? (how many)
How many songs can I write? (too many)
How many blunts can I smoke in a night? 


In a night. Now. How many? 
How many blunts can I smoke in a night? 
Blowing O’s underneath them O lights. 
Not a lot of things that I won’t try. 
I just bought a Rolls that I don’t even drive. 
Interior red, outside white.

Been and had love yeah yeah yeah.
Fuck up a bag make the money disappear. 
Work it, worth it. 
Bodies hanging from the chandelier, yeah yeah.
Now I’m caught up in LA. 
Picking you up, take a Uber to your place. 
Pulled up just so I can show face. 


But I can’t go to the club cause it’s too industry, yeah yeah. 
Used to drive a Chevrolet. 
Now my car’s so nice that I gotta valet. 
Put on for the family. 
From the city of the 915 
where the girls are pretty and they know how to ride it. Yeah.
Autopilot you don’t even gotta drive it. 

Ay ay. Caught up in LA yeah. 
Ay ay. Caught up in LA yeah yeah. 
Caught up in LA. 
Caught up in LA yeah.

How many wrongs can I right? 
How many songs can I write? 
How many drinks can I pour in a night? (How many?)
How many wrongs can I right? 
How many wrongs in a night? 
How many wrongs can I right in my life? 
How many ya? How many?





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