Song Lyrics of ‘Kraazy’ by LikyBo


You acting naughty in this party, the way you moving your body
Tryna get you to the room and beat that p***y like I'm Ali
Pretty sure you heard about me, so you know I'm making statements
When I'm done with you, girl, don't try to cuff me like the stations

I don't really do relations, but we rocking like a ship
Ride for me, baby, like this 40 on my hip
And I don't f**k with these hoes, you ain't never gotta trip

Tryna make you the first lady and make other b****hes sick
'Cause I'm tossin' and turnin', I can't sleep when you ain't next to me
Gotta thank the Lord, he gave me you, he really blessin' me
My last bitch really wasn't shit, she kept on stressin' me
You the best to me, baby, just let me know your recipe


Ima give it how you like it
I know you in my future, girl, I'm psychic
Hit it from the back, and after that, I let you ride it
I'm deep inside it, and even in public, I want you private
'Cause you look so sexy, you really turn me on
Blow my mind every time I see your face, girl

It's been a minute since I gave you some dick, baby
That's why you trippin' and you throwin' all these fits lately
I know you like it like that, then like this, baby
I'ma make you feel it in your stomach like you sick, baby, don't forget

How you believed in me when I wasn't shit
I probably did you wrong before, I wouldn't do it again
You probably said you done before, but we ain't come to an end
I just wanna give you something more like I did to begin


I know it's wrong when I come home late, that's what you hate
I hit your phone to say I'm on my way, bae, can you wait?
'Cause I'ma eat it like it's on my plate to fix your face
These bitches mad 'cause they want your place, but they can't get it

You look so, you really turn me on
Blow my every time I see your face, girl
You look so sexy, you really turn me on
Blow my mind every time I see your face, girl



Song Lyrics of 'Kraazy' by LikyBo 1

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