Saturday, October 23, 2021

Song Lyrics of ‘Quarantine Song’ by Peter Hollens

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Saw you on TV last night, saying it don't phase you
Out of your mind, out of your mind
Laughed out loud inside a crowd, like quarantine was fake news
Open your eyes, open your eyes

Might need to
One: Don't leave your home
You know you can't be leaving till the germs are gone
Two: Don't meet with friends

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Our groups need to have less than 10
Three: Do what you can
You know we need each other when we wake up in the morning
Until we understand, you know that this could get real bad

You're at a party that you shouldn't be at
You think you wanna live it up today, yeah
You say that you just want to party
You don't mind if you get sick, anyway

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Well, I don't care if you think it's crazy, yeah
Corona won't just disappear

If you're hanging in crowds, think you're better than everybody
You can save so many lives
If you stay home, baby, yeah
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

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Got to stay
Inside now so we can stop the spread
Got to stay

At our homes and work remote instead
Got to stay
Healthy so the virus will be dead
Got to stay
Alone together we can stop the spread

Hey, I'm stayin' inside avoiding big groups
Working from home and watchin' HULU
But it's okay

So baby, don't get closer
Till this quarantine blows over
We can flatten out the curve
And follow Dr. Fauci's orders

Hello from the other side
I've worn these sweats a thousand times
It's the truth, I'm sorry
But we need to stay home
Even though I'm not with you
We're together alone

I'm off the deep end, but I'm doing the right thing
I'll never meet in crowds
Not touching a surface, it just makes me nervous
I'll meet you online for now

I wish they didn't have to quarantine ya
It's been so long since I have even seen ya
But we can't touch so ooh na na na
It's true na na na
Ooh, cuz in this instance
We gotta keep our distance

We washed, we dried
We sanitized our hands
Trying to be clean
You're supposed to stay

At least six feet away
When I'm talking to you
But you didn't ask
Didn't wear a mask
You're not following through

You came in and you wrecked it all
I've never cleaned so hard before
And now you're standing at my door
I bet you just infected me
Yeah, you infected me

Hey (hey), we're on lockdown (on lockdown)
And this is crazy (so crazy)
I'm staying in for (staying in)
For public safety (I'm)

I'm not going out (won't go out)
And you can't make me (can't make me)
So here's my ID (type it in)
So Zoom me maybe

All by myself
You've got to be
All by yourself

No one cleans like Gaston
Quarantines like Gaston
No one stops spreading Covid-19 like Gaston

Now let's all do our best to eliminate it
So we can save your Grandma
(Oh, thanks, sweetie!)

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