Song lyrics : Tum Ho Mera Pyar


Singer : Faizan Hussain & Agnel Roman
Music Director : Shamir Tandon
Writer : Faizan Hussain & Agnel Roman

Ragini, nazarein hai tujhpe har kahin
Ragini, jaise hai koi kahani
Ragini, duniya hai badi kamini
Ragini, inn sab se hai tu anjaani
Ragini, ragini, ragini

Dude, did you see that mms i sent you?
Nahin yaar, not yet
Check it out. That chick is hot
Ragini, ragini


This is the story of innocent urban girl
Rocking me at the local?
She lived the life of scotty incontrolled
And never thought that her future was a blow
She always dreamed of a charming majesty
We never dreamed that the love was blowing the scene
The guy was such a flirt
And she was never loved
All he want do to her is wicky wicky fk

Naina kahena, kaisa yeh kauf hai ragini
Aahat yeh kaisi ragini, ragini ragini ragini
Tanatta kyun hai ragini, koi nahin tere sang ragini
Pal pal hai musibat ragini, ragini ragini

Blow the strech
On the base of what you see
Never think of the reason hit me
She was a girl who loved her magic boy
He was the one who made this girl a whore
You feel the pain as you feel no sorrow
Better believe that you got no tomorrow
You broke the trust and made her cry
All you wanna know is why, why why?


Dokha dhoka hai ragini
Zehreeli hawa hai ragini
Khatra kaisa hai ragini
Ragini, ragini, ragini
Mit jaayegi tu ragini
Bach na paayegi ragini
Pal pal hai musibat ragini
Ragini, ragini…



Song lyrics : Tum Ho Mera Pyar 2

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