Saturday, October 23, 2021

Charan unlocks emotions with melodious single – Akela

Mumbai based turnkey Musician Charan launches his latest track 'Akela', diving deep and resurfacing hidden emotions.

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Mumbai based turnkey Musician Charan launches his latest track ‘Akela’, diving deep and resurfacing hidden emotions. Written and composed by the artist himself, the new track resonates the feeling of loneliness, even when surrounded by a crowd.

Striking all the right emotional chords, the music video brings the essence of the music to life, featuring renowned faces including Actor Rohit Roy, Comedian Munawar Faruqui, Model Benafsha Soonawala, among many others.

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In a world where social media and smartphones have digitally united but physically distanced the world, the new single hits all the right notes that relates hard with the emotional turmoil faced by many. Prior to the launch of the music video, the teaser saw exciting reactions and immense anticipation from celebrities including Aparshakti khurana and many more.

Speaking about the track, Charan said, “Akela is not just a song, it’s an emotion and even more so in the current times. The inspiration for the song has come from personal experiences and just like me I’m sure there are many people who have either gone through this feeling or have witnessed someone close to them go through it. The feeling of being alone even in crowd raises a lot of “What ifs” and Akela is exactly about that. I hope that the listeners will be able to relate to it and will enjoy the song.”

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Excerpts of what celebs say about Charan’s Akela

Benafsha Soonawallasaid, “On a personal level, while we are in the glamour business but there are moments when one feels lonely more often. Charan’s Akela gives me that much needed comfort, which could sometimes be, all you need. It’s a great song and I had a great time playing my part.”

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Aishwarya says, “Charan’s new song is simply fabulous. It connects with the soul. While we were filming the song, we all went through so many emotions at the same time that the experience has created a special bond between all of us.”

Rohit Royrevealed, “When I was offered a role in the video and read the lyrics of the song, I immediately said yes. I am both happy and excited. It’s a fresh take on the emotion of loneliness just perfectly made into a song. I wish Charan all the best and I am sure the song will become a hit.”

Ssumeir Pasrichasays, “The power-combination of the melody, lyrics and Charan’s soul into the song makes it compelling and takes over emotions. I am truly honoured to be in this with Charan and the others.”

Munawar Faruiquiexplained, “Akela is not just a song – it is a state of mind, a language of my emotions. The song beautifully captures exactly how each and every one of us today feels, especially in the times of COVID. Charan has created magic with his powerful lyrics and phenomenal track.”

Niranjansays, “An ardent listener and follower of indi music, Akela is a track like no other and I am really happy to be a part of this exciting journey embarked by Charan. The track is a catharsis of every fraction of emotion the world today feels and I am proud of Charan to bring this single to life.”

The emotional track and video highlight the hollow feeling of being disconnected from a world where there is no way of being truly understood. The powerful lyrics capture a series of “what if” s, in an attempt to beat the feeling of loneliness and saving oneself from spiralling down into the abyss.

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