Monday, October 18, 2021

Join the Gang of Haryana Boys with Ram Goel

The newest arrival on Spotify, "Haryana Wale Hain" song by singer and songwriter Ram Goel, will bring spontaneity and excitement into your drives and homes

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Ram Goel’s song “Haryana Wale Hain” was released last year and took you from disco to retro mood in 1:15 minutes. The special song is apt for discos and pubs with dance floors to celebrate origin from the state of Haryana.

The proud singer wants his people to celebrate birth in Haryana through this rising song. The song lyrics “शौक से न्यारे, ये लड़के थुंबा थारे” translates to ‘these boys are going after their hobby without worrying about anything else.’ It’s the typical nature of Haryanvi boys, as they don’t get scared.

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Haryanvi’s are proud citizens of the country that rejoice in every notion, especially celebrations. The boys mentioned in the song “Haryana Wale Hain” by Ram Goel represent the same human nature. “उड़ते कबूतर सब” in the song translates to ‘the boy fly off easily from one destination to another.’

The song “Haryana Wale Hain” by Ram Goel says so much about the Haryana boys, and if you are from the same Indian state, you can easily relate to the scenario. As mentioned earlier, the song is playable during outings or tours. The background of the song is also musical and makes it an apt song for repetition during weddings.

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Weddings are celebrated like festivals in states like Haryana and Punjab. The union of two people from different backgrounds that promise to love each other until the end. The 90s notion remains at large in these Indian states, and Haryanvi’s are proud to spend time with their soulmates.

Another significant occasion for playing Ram Goel’s “Haryana Wale Hain” song is when India wins in the Olympics or the World Cup. The boys from the Indian state wander through the town with open windows and hoot at the highest volume while drinking in a car. The occasion is considered celebratory even when Haryana boys top a university or a competition.

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Even Salman Khan’s Sultan movie is a proud representation of Haryana boys. Ram Goel’s song “Haryana Wale Hain” brings the same notion to life even before the music video’s release. The song is loved by the Haryana locals and people that understand Haryanvi, Urdu, Punjabi, or Hindi.

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