Pop band Rawmats release latest single ‘Safar aur Baarish’

Rawmats have released their latest single, “Safar Aur Baarish.” Thrumming with groovy & electric guitar riffs, a musical treat for lovers and travellers

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Chandigarh-based pop band Rawmats have released their latest single, “Safar Aur Baarish.” Thrumming with groovy and electric guitar riffs, “Safar Aur Baarish” is a musical treat for lovers and travellers. The track is preceded by Rawmat’s viral debut album Since 2017.

Following the band – comprising vocalist Krishna Singh, drummer Robin Raturi and guitarist Amit Rawat – as they explore the charming sights of Shimla, the accompanying music video delves into the story of a man on a quest to find his love. Rawmats’ signature timeless sound accentuates this offering, leaving fans with yet another song that is bound to be a staple on many playlists.

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Set in Shimla, the music video for “Safar Aur Baarish” follows Rawmats as they play street gigs to tell people they’re looking for a lost love. Crowds gather around the trio, chiming into the chill energy of the sets. As a reporter broadcasts their performance, word gets out of these pop musicians trying to find their way back to someone. The band deliver sonically, unearthing evocative melodies and crystalline vocals; their audience is transfixed and so are thousands of people around India who watch them on the news. They go on to become a musical spectacle in the hills as the question lingers…. Do they finally find the girl?

Say Rawmats, “This song is our most favourite track. We consider it as our best work till now. We tried to maintain its simplicity so that everyone could relate to it. It was a new thing for us because we always known for our pop songs and this song is unexpected for our audience. But some where we always wanted to make this kind of song. We’re sure that this song will give a unique identity to our band and will get a lot of love from audience. It have a combination of sad & happy mood which swings with every chord which will stick you to this melody.”

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Juhi Mehta COO, Qyuki says, “Working with fresh talents like Rawmats is always a joy. The band resonates with boundless energy and talent. At Qyuki, we always highlight talents such as these as they perfectly know how to capture the heart of the audience.”

Counting The Beatles as a major influence on their sound, Rawmats created “Safar Aur Baarish” as an antidote to current music. Incorporating natural elements, the track is a perfect listen for any weather or scene. Raw and versatile, the band charts a new chapter with “Safar Aur Baarish,” as they explore a different sonic frontier after dropping two singles in 2021, “Sweater” and “Kyu Kehti Ho.” Up next from the band are a slew of tracks that will define and narrate the different phases of life. Teasing many collaborations, Rawmats promise something different with every release.

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