Prakhar Dagar opens up on devotional single ‘Prabhu ke darshan ko’

Prakhar Dagar, has released his latest devotional single titled 'Prabhu ke darshan ko' sung together with Saaz Malhotra.

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Singer Prakhar Dagar, also known as ‘The Singing Doctor’, has released his latest devotional single titled ‘Prabhu ke darshan ko’ sung together with Saaz Malhotra.

The song talks about the belief, devotion and platonic love which we share with people, plants, animals and nature in our day to day life.

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The video has been shot across beautiful locations in Mussoorie, Rishikesh and Haridwar.

“During the last day of the shoot, we had an amazing experience. We had to take the final shot with the Shiv Murti in Haridwar. Unfortunately, it started raining and hence we had to stop the shoot. We were a little disheartened. We started praying for the rain to stop and within a few seconds it vanished and we could resume the shoot. This proves that He (the Divine) listens if being called with full heart and devotion”, shared Prakhar Dagar.

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Talking about himself, the reverential singer and doctor, who practices at a hospital in Delhi, added: “It has never been like a transition from a doctor to a singer. I have been able to manage both the medical and music fields simultaneously for the past 6 years.”

Written and composed by Saaz Malhotra, ‘Prabhu ke darshan ko’ has released on the official YouTube channel of Prakhar Dagar.

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