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Sanjay Maroo’s latest song ‘Kal Ka Bharosa’ reflects his life experiences

Sanjay Maroo, who is known for his 90s hit single 'Tu Hi Tu' is going to release his next single 'Kal Ka Bharosa'.

Indie artist Sanjay Maroo, who is known for his 90s hit single ‘Tu Hi Tu’ is going to release his next single ‘Kal Ka Bharosa’. He spoke about his latest creation and how it is a reflection of his own experiences in life.

Sanjay said: “This song is an emanation of the lessons I’ve learnt from life. How you deal with situations when the going is great or when it gets rough, determines your future and the outcome of those experiences teaches you what nothing else can.”

Adding more about his latest song, he said that it’s a very personal expression. “It’s a reflection of who I am today and how I feel at this stage of my life after having seen the lows and the highs, the shallows and depths. It is my personal view that till the day you breathe your last, you’re still learning and when you realise and accept that there’s always going to be so much more.”

The musician, who is known for ‘Dua Dena’, ‘Woh Aayegi’, said that he writes what comes to his mind and never plans anything before writing.

“Never been technically trained so there’s no pre-meditated plan or concept when I write or compose. It’s only what comes to me from within and how the sound affects my head space when playing even a few keys,” he concluded.


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