Thursday, October 21, 2021

How Sonu, founder of Kyte Music followed his passion

How Sonu, founder of Kyte Music followed his passion and is now on the journey of grabbing success

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In your profession, if you feel unfulfilled, it could be because you are on a path that does not allow you to pursue your passion. You may have stuck yourself in a certain position because the pay is sweet.

Ultimately, when you’re looking for self-improvement, seeking money instead of enthusiasm won’t get you much. You’ll find it hard to get over the depression that work brings because you put in too many hours doing something you hate simply because it gives you money. However, when you pursue your passion to do everything you love, before going back to work on Monday, the weekend can really feel like the time you can use to rest and refresh.

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Today we will talk about a guy who always wanted to work in the world of entertainment and music, so he put his hard work into this field thus he followed his passion. Born in Guwahati, Sonu is a musical artist and is solely committed to his major KYTE MUSIC. It was established as an independent music distribution and publishing company by Sonu in 2019.

The organization specializes mainly in the production of tracks, channel optimization, promotion & copyright administration, and music publishing. As of January 2021, almost 100 million+ views a month are monetized by Kyte Music.

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One of the most draining experiences is getting forced to do work. While there are times in every job where you may feel that the job may be draining and dull, you can move past the dull days when you are passionate about the job, as you know that the next one will probably bring something new and interesting.

He spent more than three years searching all about this field, every day he discovered new things, there have been few bad experiences with his education during this span of time. When he failed his class 12th that driven him to deal with another startup that focused on Artist Management, Brand Sponsorship, Social Media Marketing for artist and influencers.

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It’s hard to be your own coach at the outset, but it’s going to take you a long way through your life than you’d think. Obviously, most of us will struggle to find the best direction forward, but it is worth the effort you put into finding it. To find your own tutor, you need to reach deep inside. And you need to obey the wisdom of your wiser inner mentor who will serve the carrier better.

Sonu chose to be his own mentor. He has faced many issues before going into this field but he never lost faith in his talent and hard work. He followed his passion and is on the journey to achieve more success.

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