Thursday, October 21, 2021

90’s kid’s here’s good news for you Vengaboys are back

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Eurodance band Vengaboys like to "focus on their old hits" rather than new songs.

In an interview to website MusicFeeds, the "We're going to Ibiza" hitmakers spoke about their music process and why they still like singing their old hit songs everytime.

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"Well, we go to the studio sometimes. Sometimes we don't; sometimes we do. We fool around and do some new stuff, but it never really gets to something that's perfect," Kim Sasabone said about the band that also consists of Denise Post-Van Rijswijk, Robin Pors and Donny Latupeiris.

"So that's why we keep on focusing on those old hits because we noticed, after performing for all these years, like, since we've come back in 2006, we released a couple of songs, but people want to hear mainly our old songs. So the last couple of years, we are more focusing on that."

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Kim also said that the band likes to represent LGBTQ community in their music, reports

"We are very blessed to be performing on many different gay events. Actually, we just came back from a Mediterranean gay cruise, which was absolutely amazing, with RuPaul and (Ukrainian boyband) Kazaky, and that girl who won Eurovision, the Cyprus girl (Eleni Foureira), and the other singer who won like a couple of years ago (Austria's Conchita Wurst)."

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"So that was amazing. Yeah, we're very blessed to attend all kinds of different gay events – of course all the Prides around the world," she added.

In the 1990s, Vengaboys ushered in a new trend into the music world with flamboyant costumes, energetic beats and party numbers infused with animated videos. They are popular for songs like "Boom boom boom" and "We like to party".

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