Women’s Equality Day: Farida Khannum, Usha Uthup, 100 women croon ‘Jaago Zara’

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On Women’s Equality Day, 100 women from 15 countries have come together for the song ‘Jaago Zara’ released on Wednesday. Getting the creme de la creme of the music fraternity for the ambitious project was an unachievable feat, said lyricist Aashish Rego.

“While the confluence of such varied people was a tough task. ‘Jaago Zara’ has brought together legends like Begum Farida Khannum, Chitra ji, Sharon Prabhakar, Usha Uthup ji, Ila Arun ji, Vidushi Sudha Mathur ji, Anuradha Paudwal ji, among others. Stalwarts like Anuradha Pal, Hamsika Iyer, Nandini Srikar, Sunita Bhuyan, Merlin D’Souza, Vivienne Pocha and many more have collaborated in this one song,” said Aashish, lyricist for ‘Jaago Zara’ along with Shree D.

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Aashish and co-producers Justin-Uday and Somesh Mathur have also composed for the song that comprises 100 singers and an all-women crew.

Aashish shared, how he pulled off bringing together 100 singers from 15 countries.

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“It took an immense amount of effort and logistical planning. Every project has its own challenges but on this, it was the coordination that was the hardest part. Now as the song is ready, I realise that this was probably the most enriching and fulfilling experience of my professional career thus far.”

Stalwarts and stars alike, female musicians from different beats and genres joined forces for the track that essentially celebrates the essence of womanhood and its role in bringing about change in the new world order.

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“These are artistes we have grown up revering. Each of them belongs to a different era and genre. And yet, when you put them in the same track, they stand out beautifully, making the song a wholesome number. I have to thank my partners Somesh Mathur, Justin-Uday Duo and everyone else. They had immense faith in the vision of this song. I can’t be grateful enough to them to believe in this massive project involving over 200 artistes and technicians from across the world in creating the magic that is ‘Jaago Zara’.”

In the post-Covid world, the song is a testament to unity and instils the spirit of collaboration among artistes.

The song has already won several prestigious awards like Best Composer at Silk Road Film Award at Cannes, Best Song at Music Video Clip Monthly Awards, Best Music Video at Imagine Rain Independent Film Awards, and nine other music awards across the globe.

‘Jaago Zara’ has released on Indemus’ YouTube channel.

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