Music Review: BABUMOSHAI BANDOOKBAAZ – given the genre but has done well


A film starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, especially in his gangster/hit man mould cannot be expected to abound in melodious tracks; rather one is more interested in the histrionics of the master actor. Still, let us check out the audio of BABOOMOSHAI BANDOOKBAAZ…

The playlist starts with 'Barfani', a petal soft romantic raga based number carrying high seductive overtones. Composer Gaurav Dagaonkar gets into Vishal Bhardwaj territory, the arrangements, style of rendition , even the tune is quite in the lines of VB compositions. Armaan Malik does a superb job with an understated rendition and Ghalib Asad Bhopali, son of famous lyricist Asad Bhopali shows his mettle. The classy number will get overshadowed a bit on screen as it contains some sizzling hot scenes between Nawaz and Bidita.

Orunima Bhattacharya renders the female version of 'Barfani' well giving it a different touch.


Since the film is set in the hinterland (UP) where a large part of audience (especially rural) prefers Bhojpuri, the next number, 'Saiyaan' is totally folk based nok-jhonk dance number where the leads tease and poke fun at each other. Ghalib deserves applause for keeping the lyrics quite decent (even though the song caters to front benchers) and funny as well. Orunima shows her versatility with a zesty rendition and she sounds natural rendering Bhojpuri lyrics and Vivek Naik joins her towards the fag end.

Next up is the recreated version of R.D Burman's iconic Asha Bhosle-Kishore Kumar rendered 'Haye Re Haye Mera Ghungta' (DHONGEE), which has refurbished, rearranged to suit the mood of the movie. The raunchy dance track is set in a wedding in rural UP where such songs are an order of the day and been rendered well by Neha Kakkar.

'Chulbuli' is a situational jazz based semi-philosophical number rendered very well by Papon who gives it his own deft touches. The song has a retro feel to it (the drums, clarinet, saxophones and piano give that jazz touch) and one is instantly reminded of Shankar-Jiakishan composed Kishore da's classic 'Nakhrewali' (NEW DELHI). Ghalib's lyrics are a real highlight of the song that talks about life and its ups and downs.


The playlist ends on a sombre, sad note with 'Khali Khali', a situational dramatic number which should find its place as a background score where the lead is disenchanted and guilt ridden. Ghalib's hard hitting lyrics deserve applause. Gaurav again gets Vishal Bhardwaj inspired (not copied!) as it is just the dark noir situation that befits such a musical treatment.

Summing up, it was indeed a difficult task for relatively new composer (but very musically talented!) Gaurav to compose music for BABOOMOSHAI BANDDOBAAZ, given the genre but he has done well. His compositions are in keeping with the script and go along well with the narrative. He does deserve an extra half stars for his efforts, despite insipartions. Our picks-'Barfani' both male and female version, 'Ghungta' and 'Khali Khali'. Powerhouse of talent Nawzudding Siddiqui, a latest star in the making, does not actually need chartbusting songs to make his films run, but the audio will certainly play a part when the film opens all over this Friday.

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