Dhoondte Reh Jaoge Music Review

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DHOONDTE REH JAOGE, a frolicsome popcorn entertainer brings out the spice ''n'' pepper of comical amusement with the music that packs more of humor than melody in it. A film that carries its title from tagline of a popular detergent commercial (''Daag…Dhondte Reh Jaoge…'') gets Umesh Shukla, scriptwriter turned director into his first directorial outing.

Sajid-Wajid, a competent campaigner among comical entertainers spices up musical scenario with their expertise. As predicted, it carries a zilch expectation of hitting bull's eye with soundtracks that boasts contents of situational hilarity in it. Can Sajid-Wajid pull out another PARTNER with it? Will DHOONDTE REH JAOGE be a surprise and winner on stands? Let's gets straight into the facts…

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Sajid-Wajid's bizarre stint of funky composing that swept the floors with numbers like ''Oh My Partner'' (PARTNER) makes another vivaciously hilarious move in peppy sounding title track ''Dhondte Reh Jaoge''. Jalees Sherwani's chirpy verbatim in meddling out mish-mash events and occasions may not as comical as Sanjay Chhel's quick-witted t?te-?-t?te but the composer duo maintains their uproarious form in serenading out whacky feel of lead protagonists and the flick.

Sonu Nigam's reliable and punctiliously vocals make the vociferous throws in emoting out in midst of upbeat textures of hip-hop jives and ''bhangra'' beat culture musical moves. Like many frothy title tracks of slapstick entertainers, this one too works and is well suited for the promotional feature, beginning or end titles of this comical bumpy ride.

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Comical madness enters into new phase of musical amusement with Wajid and Soumya Raoh setting the mood frivolous with humorous cum spoofy sounding ''Apne Ko Paisa Chahiye''. It's no great music by any standards with composers making it a musical spoof piece by amalgamating out 70's and 80's numbers with hilarious lyrical tinges. Shabbir Ahmed's vivaciously punched wordings come in parody format that can well be connected with on-screen comical antics. It's an out and out situational comical act than any impressive melodic work and do wait when laugh-a-ton takes over with this lively track.

''Pal Yeh Aane Wala Pal'', a racy disco-dhamaka maintains the fervent mood in the album with Neeraj Sridhar delivering out amiably in stream of modest sounding composition. Despite funky hip-hop cum pop ''party-feel'' sets of arrangements, this spunky sounding number fails to be striking and ends up as just another situational feel-good track.

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Their plan is simple. Float a company; take Rs 5 crore from 21 investors, without letting the other know. Stack away Rs 100 cr and invest Rs 5cr to make a flop film. When a film flops, no producer will demand his share in profits.

They float 'Charsubisi' a so-called Japanese collaboration and have a press conference. The next day, there is a queue of financiers. There's also that call from the Bhai in Dubai who wants to finance. That's a hilarious track, especially when Bhai in a burkha, wants to go to the gents washroom at the premiere. Also watch Sholay's Thakur taking strike with bat!

To cut the long story short, there's a mix of Sholay, DDLJ, Gadar, Lagaan and Rangeela. Johnny Lever as Rubber Singh, seen on screen after a long time, is a riot. Incidentally, he is also the scriptwriter of the flop film. Parvez Asharraf is his character, a general who is mortified of his wife!

Sonu Sood is a competent performer. He needs that big banner to catapult him into the big league. Kunal Khemu and Paresh Rawal combine well in their scenes. Both complement the other. In fact, Khemu is taking giant strides in his acting. Soha fits the role to the 'T', while Hrishitaa Bhatt in a guest appearance completes the situation.

Go, lighten your mood. As for the script, DHOONDTE REH JAAOGE!

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