Dil Pardesi Ho Gayaa Music Review

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The melodious soundtrack of Dil Pardesi Ho Gayaa has hit the market with much oomph. Producer-Director Saawan Kumaar is much known for making musical films and the history becomes a true evident for this reality. Produced and directed by none other than Saawan Kumaar, Dil Pardesi Ho Gayaa features the likes of Kapil Jhaveri and Saloni Aswani in leading roles. Saawan Kumaar also sharpens his skills of poetry here by penning lyrics for the album laced with nine numbers in total. Sony Music releases the soundtrack, which is easy on ears and provides comforts in isolation.

The album opens well with a melodious and romantic track, Tu Kaun Kahan Se. Delivered by Udit Narayan, the song is equipped with perfect rhythm altogether. The singer does his job brilliantly. Amongst the instruments arranged by Usha Khanna, piano and drumming stick out most. Chorus in the background has soothing effects on ears. Saawan Kumaar writes pure romantic lyrics whilst Usha Khanna composes an attractive piece of music. The song is on air these days spreading its magic on viewers.

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The title song, Dil Pardesi Ho Gayaa, comes up next on the album having the duo of Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik doing the honors. It is a melodious song. Sonu Nigam showcases his velvety vocals in perfect manners and with much ease. Whereas fellow vocalist Alka Yagnik delivers her sweet voice wonderfully. Tabla amongst the instruments impresses most. Saawan Kumaar pens lyrics, which completely represent the mood of the song. Whilst Usha Khanna's job as a musician is simply great. Well-orchestrated music attracts a lot. The song has been running on all usual music channels these days. And the visuals grab the attention of the viewers at once.

Rapid-fire voice singer, Sunidhi Chauhan pockets a solo, Mubarakan for herself. The vocalist's electrifying voice catches the breath. She is in her elements now a days. Chorus is good. Whereas jhankaar, shehnai and dholak sound well amongst the instruments. Lyrics by Saawan Kumaar carry weight. And the music director Usha Khanna too does full justice to her job by arranging pleasant tunes for the song. Overall the song can stay with the listeners with its beauty.

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The slow version of this song, Mubarakan, lands up next on the soundtrack. The track is short length-wise. Sunidhi again bags the attention of the listeners. Whereas lyrics and music raise the spirits.

The classy duo of Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik team up to render a gorgeous romantic number, Cham Cham. The song emerges as the best one from the album. The rhythmical music in the beginning of the song is impeccable. Alka depicts her brilliancy through the vocals, whereas Udit's marvelous singing style is pleasant. Saawan Kumaar writes excellent lyrics and Usha Khanna scores rhythmical music. Overall the number easily grows on ears.

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It?s time for Rukhsar?s father, a Pakistani army brigadier (Puri) to flex his muscles and mouth some main meri beti ko mere mulk ke liye jaan se maar doonga lines.

Sigh! Saawan Kumar?s story is as old fashioned as they come ? from the tacky sets to the two new enthusiastic but expressionless faces, lackluster cinematography, insipid music, jerky editing and veterans sleepwalking through their roles ? and one wonders if the audience is ever going to appreciate this ode to peace between India and Pakistan!

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