Fast Forward Music Review

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Acrobatic! This one non-happening word has finally made it in Bollywood and that too with the cultural invasion of hip-hop and B-boying dancing moves through FAST FORWARD. This Anjum Rizvi (of A WEDNESDAY) fame produced musical extravaganza pumps up youthful passion with bountiful somersaulting and death defying dancing moves and stunts that are surely to be path-breaking in Hindi cinema.

Renowned DJ Akbar Sami leads this bandwagon of flamboyant dancers with captivating thrills of rhythmic hip-hop moves, wild B-boying floor stunts, break-dance shakes and couple of engaging Latin American dancing moves. FAST FORWARD boldly experiments with new age choreographers (Jhalak Dikhlaja winner Sonia Jaffer Fraser along with Seema Desai and Vishnu Deva) in making this an enthralling visual spectacle.

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Like the recently released LET'S DANCE, this teen flick is filled with an array of struggling ''n'' deserving actors that can really pulsate adrenaline rush to its extreme. Can this energetically pulsating hip-hop flick be an enterprising move in its segment of entertainment? Can Akbar Sami's ''dhin-chak'' DJ moves be sufficient enough in fuelling up passions on the floors? Let's beat the heat of this summer and fall into realms of dancing divas through the music of FAST FORWARD…

Put your hands up and clap! Roars, claps in thunderous impact of zany emceeing with pumping cloudburst of electrifying disco beat fillers thrives to the desires of somersaulting hip-hop dancing moves in the youthfully ballistic ''Taali Bajao (Fast Forward Mix)''. Sona and family, party album specialist pours in bountiful of energy with catchy rhythms and dancing-beat hip-hop culture to make it peppy affairs on floors.

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Even the thriving and racy lyrics are penned effectively (reflecting ''conflict'' in dancing moves) to create a dancing feel for all booty-shakers on floors. For its trendy hip-hop theme, the song works primarily on beat-boxing (vocal percussion of hip-hop) and comes out with energizing rhythms, beats and crazy emceeing that makes it hot-shot number for remarkable B-boying and break-dance moves on floors. For its immensely massy and youthful impact, do expect this number to be raising high on volume and making itself hot commodity among all leading TV and radio channels. Chartbuster!!!

Mushy ambience of romance makes delicate presence in characteristically Indi-Pop stream of arrangements in decent-hear number ''Aankhon Ki Baat''. Pamela Jain makes prominence in her shrill paced voice in major portions of the track that talks ''eye-to-eye'' love-chemistry with Shaan. It ends up as just another ''decent-hear'' mushy track, while its ''club-remix'' comes in solo version in the voice of Amitabh Bhattacharya. The remix version scores well than original version but still it has not much to offer in its redundant disco impacts.

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Akbar Sami picks up 80s disco-station format of composing with loads of pompous disco-beat rhythmical patterns in ''never-say-die'' type of inspirational racy track ''Dil Mein Junoon''. Zubin's vocals comes out singing in high and low notes signifying out the fighting spirit of protagonist battling out for supremacy on floors. Once again, Sami's average composition fails to pump in innovative colors in this ''dancing-jiving-fighting'' number but still all eyes will be popping up for some great choreographically designed moves.

In twirling-swinging love song ''Tum Jo Mile'', Akbar Sami tries to impersonate Pritam style of composing by mixing out varied genres of western music in a format of a duet. This soundtrack puts Shaan as lead vocalist with music that ranges from conventional pop to Latino dancing feast type of madness in its packaging.

Sami's arrangements are impressive to create furor for lead pair to dance but once again the composition is too routine to make any big splash. Shweta Pandit's makes impressive presence in this lovey-dovey number that offers enough couple-dancing on floors and promises to be an eye-spectacle for its target viewers.

Like talented Zubin, impressive Kunal Ganjawala makes striking romantic vibes in the song ''Namm Nigahon Se (remix)'', a subtly arranged disco-beat number with a resonating melancholic feel. Kunal's voice is mastered, echoed and reproduced well with impressive electronically profound impacts to leave out an overall expressive melodramatic impact.

After ''Taali Bajao'', this sonorously romantic number succeeds to large extent in catapulting youthful sentiments with melodic finesse. This can be one specialty (techno-gadgetry) of Akbar Sami that has been beautifully materialized and should be listening pleasure for the listeners. Inspiring!!!

For an intrinsically ''dancing'' flick, soundtrack like ''Rangli Se Rangli'' by Ali comes as situational ''filler'' for dancing freaks in typical ''filmi'' musical sounds and rhythms. This comes as loud festive party album number that coagulates stringed Arabic rhythmical and Punjabi ''dhol'' beat patterns. It works on customary ''Maar Chadappa'' style of Punjabi folk ''masti'' but the composition fails to be engaging and ends up as average in its league.

As curtains falls for the finale, Akbar Sami comes out in full bloom with his technocratic intellect for the album's solitary instrumental in the form of ''Fast Forward''. It comes in assortment of varied electronic sounds, beats and rhythms with escalating saxophone notes, complementing well in tandem.

This ''Shake your body-Move your body'' type soundtrack is an all out choreographer's special number, where aesthetically captured, aerobically perfect, acrobatically refined and synchronized moves will be its biggest spotlight. The title track is DJ's delight number where techno-wizardry scores over instrumental display and still makes consequential presence.

To make album spicier and bankable, there are hot-favorite party tracks like ''Let the music play (''Marascia Mix'')'', ''Glassy'', ''Mundian to Bachke'', ''Rise Up'', ''Rhythm of the Night'' and ''Nachna Odna Nei (Revisited)'' for exclusive party celebrations. Enjoy!

FAST FORWARD is an exciting youthful album, but not ground-breaking (as one predicted from its title) by any standards and comes out as a mixed bag of musical entertainment.

After making notable presence as DJ (Disc-Jockey), Akbar Sami pours in energy and excitement with tracks like ''Taali Bajao (Fast Forward remix)'', ''Namm Nigahon Se (Remix)'' and ''Fast Forward'' while rest of them work better as effective situational scores. It's lively and flamboyant on-screen show on silver screen will be the real decider for the album, but one can expect ''Taali Bajao (Fast Forward remix)'' to be the biggest surprise in the charts in the coming weekends.

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