It’s a Wonderful Afterlife Music Review

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Why IT'S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE audio is a collector's piece!

Music has always played an integral part in Gurinder Chadha's films, be it BHAJI ON THE BEACH, BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM or BRIDE AND PREJUDICE. However, the soundtrack of Gurinder Chadha's latest venture, IT'S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE, can be called path breaking in many ways and the reasons are innumerable. The album is a complete musical treat for the lovers of all variety of music, be it 'bhangra', disco, pop, hip hop and English as well, to cater to the international as well as Indian diaspora. It has a delightful assimilation of some super hit licensed tracks, remixed tracks and also some original compositions. The album has a whopping 15 tracks and all are excellent gems that makes the album a collector's delight.

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Leading Indian, UK and artists from the sub continents have contributed in a big way by making this album a delightful treat for all music lovers. Big names in the world of international music like Bee Gees, British Band Black, Craig Pruess, Mica Paris and noted artists from the sub continent such as the reigning king of romantic compositions Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and the king of Bollywood blockbuster tracks Neeraj Shridhar, noted Punjabi singer Sukhshinder Shinda and highly popular British -Asian Bhangra artists like such as Punjabi MC , Taz from Stereo Nation , Sanj and Bally Sagoo grace the album. So with such renowned names associated with the album one can just imagine the kind of stuff that the makers have to offer the audience.

Since the film is a light hearted comedy with a Brit-Punjabi Indian backdrop, as is the norm in most Gurinder Chadha's films, the music too is heavily Punjabi flavoured. So here we go

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"Ghum Suhm Ghum Suhm", from the album Collaborations 2 by the two greats of Punjabi music, Sukshinder Shinda featuring Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is an absolutely delightful treat that tugs at the heart and enchants the soul. After that the mood gets ballistic as one dance track follows another.

"Do The Nach" by Chilltown featuring 10shott is one track that will have everyone grooving to its deadly beats.

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"Disco Bhangra" is the sure shot chartbuster featuring Niraj Shridhar produced, arranged and mixed by Bally Sagoo, an artist who needs no introduction to the Indian or UK audience as his songs have long stayed at the top of the pop charts.

The next track has been performed by Taz from Stereo Nation, featuring Mumzy "Larl Larl Buleeya"(from their album REWIND SELECTA) better known to the audience as "Don't Break My Heart" and as always this song is a delight to listen to.

The investigation of the murders has been handed to a cop of Indian origin, as he would have easy access to pierce the Indian Diaspora, since the murders point to India and spicy curries.

With a plot as flat as this you can imagine what the rest of the movie will be like.

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