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Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai Music Review

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When writers turn to direction, there is big speculation that there will be innovation coming through their peculiar screenwriting. It has been observed earlier in Rumi Jaffery's directorial debut GOD TUSSI GREAT HO (2008) and now its Milap Zaveri's turn to endeavor into fairyland through JAANE KAHAN SE AAYI HAI. Like many 'happy-go-lucky' big titled hit flicks, the title of this too carries its inspiration from Sridevi's super-hit track 'Na Jaane Kahan Se' (CHAALBAAZ -1989).

After delivering a super dud ALADIN (again a fairytale love-saga), the pairing of Ritesh Deshmukh and Jacqueline Fernandez makes their second impression through this comical caper fairy tale. Fresh from the critical and commercial acclaim of recently released VEER, Sajid-Wajid makes their second big attempt to allure listeners with their upbeat musical skills. The duo had been rated as the most consistent among the younger lot and so have been their foot-tapping massy tracks. Does the consistency works again in this cute 'n' thrilling fairytale anecdote about 'girl from Venus' and 'boy from Earth'? Just check this out as we arrived into their fairyland with their set of musical works….

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Urbane and romantically voluble in expressions, silken voiced Rashid Ali's smoldering sensitivity seeps through the contours of soft-rock sentimental feel in impressive sounding 'Keh Do Zara'. In terms of mushy guitar strumming and instrumental concoction, it bears strong resemblance to vocalist first major hit 'Kabhi Kabhi Aditi' (JAANE TU YA JAANE NA) with relatively lower tempo.

Sameer's modishly cheerful wordings ('Chalte chalte yun lagey, I wanna walk all the way with you Rukk jaun to kyun lagey, Something is leading me back to you…') catches the insightfulness of perplexed romantic emotions and caters well to the situation. For its over-elated guitar riffs strumming out in varied pitches, it will surely be acoustic guitarist friendly track that will be catching fast on youth-feast communions. Rashid Ali's indifferently sleek baritones bring out tenderness in the ambience and it rests till the end with its tangy signature tune.

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As desired by commercial demands, this mushy ballad gets heavy dosage of 'club-remix' stuff with bombastic beat juggles, DJ claps and scratches taking over the floor in 'Keh Do Zara (remix)'. This average sounding remix sounds too loud but still adds to the amusing pub-feast feel.

In recent few years, Sajid-Wajid trendsetting 'bhangra-beat' music has been rage and it has been witnessed in tracks like 'Soni De Nakhre' (PARTNER -2007), 'Karle Baby dance Wance' (HELLO (2008)) and 'Soniye Billori' (KAL KISSNE DEKHA -2009). It enthralls back with similar fervent display in Sonu Nigam's boisterously voiced hip-shaking track 'Nacha Main Tere Naal'. The composition may sound overtly heard but it's the eclecticism 'n' elated 'dhol' beat pattern music that makes the maximum impact.

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The composer duo mince and mixe their pertinent set of rhythmical moves (in the abovementioned tracks) to deliver out rapturous festive feel on the floors. Sonu Nigam recreates the madness of 'Soniye Billori' in his jubilant voice while meek sounding Soumya Raoh sounds like bleak add to the show.

The makers have targeted their audience and I'm sure the youngsters will relate to the love stories enacted on screen. Riteish is getting to be a very confident actor as he tries and makes complete sense even of a non-sensical scene. And this is no mean feat. Vishal entertains with his 'pent up frustration' while Jacqueline acts as she is supposed to… an Alien!

All in all, a passable fare.

Rating – 1.5/5

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Kiara Advani

Ananya Panday

Karan Kundrra

Rashami Desai

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