Music review : JABARIYA JODI

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Dhoondhe Ankhiyaan Music Review
Shobha and Ekta Kapoor’s JABARIYA JODI’s  ‘Dhoondhe Ankhiyaan’ (Tanishk Bagchi composed, Rashmi Virag penned and Yaseer Desai and Altamash Faridi rendered), is an immensely likeable petal soft romantic ballad. The accompanying interesting video, which highlights the lead pair’s relationship catches attention.  Parineeti looks good in simple Indian  as well as western wears , and Siddharth completes the tough, Bihari guy look as he takes part in religious celebrations, marriage ceremonies etc. The  couple taking a break during a monsoon shower, where Parineeti stops Siddharth from smoking ‘chillum’ (Marijuana), offered by ‘sadhus’ and asks him to have tea instead, is highly romantic.

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Macchardani Music Review
The latest track from Shobha and Ekta Kapoor’s JABARIYA JODI, titled ‘Macchardani’ (mosquito net), featuring Sidharth & Parineeti along with Aparkshakti Khurana, is a cute and rhythmic teasing song. It talks about how the lead pair need AC as the ‘Macchardani’ gets too hot for the lead pair, due to their love escapades! Life long love promises and DP too find mention in the dance-cum-fun track, rendered superbly by Vishal Mishra & Jyotica Tangri. Composed by Vishal Mishra, with apt lyrics by Raj Shekhar, ‘Macchardani’ is bound to get popular!

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Khwabfaroshi Music Review
The latest song from  Balaji Motion Pictures’s JABARIYA JODI, is sure to join the hit list. The Sachet Tandon-Parampara Thakur composed (and rendered beautifully as well), ‘Khwabfaroshi’ (selling dreams) is aptly penned by Siddharth-Garima. The highly emotional, heartbreak rock song features leads, Siddarth-Parineeti, Chandon Roy Sanyal, Aparshakti & commences with Siddharth taking away Parineeti from her house as  Aparshakti tries to stop him, but Parineeti (dressed in bold western wear) intervenes saying sarcastically that she wants to know what’s going on in his mind as he has no heart. Then follows a road journey as Parineeti is brought to a house and locked in a room. Quite a few dramatic and action scenes follow.  

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Zilla Hilela Music Review
Shobha and Ekta Kapoor’s JABARIYA JODI, based upon groom kidnappings (pakadwa marriage) in Bihar commenced their promotions with just the right song, ‘Zilla Hilela’, remixed (Tanishk Bagchi, lyrics Shabbir Ahmed and Tanishk) version of one of most popular Bhojpuri iconic dance number from Sujit Kumar’s DANGAL. Rendered by Raja Hasan, Dev Negi, Pravesh Mallick and  Monali Thakur, the video sees Siddharth Malhotra dressed in garish yellow half jacket, white trouser and red scarf (gamcha in Bihari) wooing  Elli AvrRam in pink lahnga choli Bihari style, campaigning for regional Bihar Dal Lok Party, taking part in marriage celebrations etc. All in all, good fun!  

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KI HONDA PYAR Music Review
KI HONDA PYAR from  Balaji Motion Pictures’ JABARIYA JODI, showcases the sentimental side of the lead pair (Sidharth-Parineeti), and they get teary eyed as Siddharth walks away and reminisces about their love journey from childhood to adolescence. The Vishal Mishra arranged song has been rendered superbly by Arijit and the lyrics (Punjabi with Urdu words)  Raj Shekhar are class apart as the feelings are expressed by words and emoted wonderfully by the lead pair.

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