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The essence of style is a simple way of saying something that is trendily multifaceted. After DHOOM-2 (2006), DON-THE CHASE BEGINS AGAIN (2006) and RACE (2008), styling takes biggest conglomerate of all modish acts (jaw-dropping actions, eye-catching SFX, bikini babes, intriguing plots) again and makes its ballistic presence in PRINCE – ITS SHOWTIME. 

This TIPS presentation gets their recent musical sensation Sachin Gupta (of Atif Aslam's DOORIE) back again with today's hot sensation Atif Aslam as the lead vocalist in all singing moods. Despite suffering mediocre success in filmdom BOLO RAAM (2009), JUGAAD (2008) and DIL KABBADI (2008), Sachin Gupta is rated highest in Indi-pop circles, and so he is shouldered to appreciate 'style quotient' on musical front.

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This re-launch vehicle for underdog Vivek Oberoi has contemporary Sameer as the lyricist, hot-shot video director Kookie V Gulati to wield the microphone with back-to-back 'remixes' to add funky punch to the packaging. In a nutshell, its another Atif Aslam's special 'filmy' album coming all your way and if you have been ardent listeners to his recent hit tracks (Pritam's composed 'Tera Hone Laaga Hoon' and 'Tu Jaane Na' (AJAB PREM KI GHAZAB KAHANI -2009), then this will surely be an positive add to your collections. 

Can the team work of Sachin Gupta and Atif Aslam be as rewarding as it was in their pop album DOORIE? Can the music of PRINCE-ITS SHOWTIME be as glittering and sporadic as one expects from much-expected hi-profile techno-skilled action thriller? Let the show begins…

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Sonorously throated Atif Aslam's vocals roars, screams and gyrate to the highest pitch to serenade out energizing feel of racy action potboiler in foot-thumping 'O Mere Khuda'.

This hot-headed stylized track brings out a deadly hi-octane action packed thriller feel with zesty electronic arrangements colliding fervently with Aslam's pulsating singing pace. It goes parallel to singer's subtle singing style that made him popular and gives him extra edgy 'massy' urbane dimension that should be doing laurels to big screen antics. To add sensuality, there are subtle feminine tones in seductive tones as prelude with bombastically played distorted guitar riffs, synths taking over the show.

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To make it a retreat for dancing shoes, there is 'O Mere Khuda (Dance Mix)' that triggers off at sauntering pace and then zooms up to rollicking high to pulsate senses. It adds some packs of vigorous bouncy disco beat fillers to make things energetically happenings on the floors with loud thumps. Rocking!!!

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Trendy musical flair of electronica music charters territories of mushy romance with Shreya Ghoshal's smoldering sensuous vocals adding to the thrills in impressive sounding 'Tere Liye'. Atif Aslam's voice sounds more voluble in his modulations and together they zest up in funky paced arrangements. Gupta's composition has 80's disco 'heard-before' feel but it's the styling that scores over novelty in its upbeat audio packaging.

To everybody's big surprise, there are three more versions to entertain and the finest to arrive is 'Tere Liye (Hip-hop mix)' with stream of mushy emotions flowing with subtlety in tandem with impressive vocals. The stringed instrumentals are well patterned in relaxed tonality and it works to appreciate 'glamour quotient' to substantial high.

'Tere Liye (Dance Mix)' is high on sound engineering works with flickering paced electronic sounds mixing and gyrating well to the rhythmical impulse of the composition. It's another remarkable 'remix' add that will surely be discotheque delight for party animals.

After two bright vocalists making super collage with enthralling musical pace, it's Sachin Gupta getting himself behind the mike to exude out the 'unplugged' version in somber tones. This soft rock ballad stylized version has subtle guitar riffs making likable concoction with feminine chorals, soft percussive elements to deliver out amiable background score piece. As a vocalist, Gupta makes impressive act by varying out his tones to match the varied moods and gives out an imposing solo performance. Worth-a-hear!!!

After two glitzy musical offerings, melodramatic melodic decorum takes over with Atif's varied somber moods taking over the groove in sentimental soundtrack 'Kaun Hoon Main'. This thematically profound track about finding 'identity' has shades of Atif's hit tracks ('Hum Kis Galli Ja Rahein Hain', 'Yakeen' (DOORIE) with modest sounding arrangements and 'easy-on-ears' lyrics to its credits. Despite some motivational hues in Atif's singing, it fails to be as inspiring as a couple of his few soft rock ballads.

The thrills are well shot and action is first-rate but with not meat in the script, PRINCE suffers big time. Even the opening scene where he enters a Diamond Bourse in Mumbai and cleans it up is ridiculous. For an institution high on security, the way he is allowed to leave a high security zone, on his own, is hilarious.

I guess Kookie Gulati will have to get over his hangover of music videos because he does show some promise. Let's be fair to the lad.

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