Pyaar Impossible Music Review

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1 beauty + 1 geek = PYAR IMPOSSIBLE! Equations, permutations and combinations but still impossibilities of love prevails and to break ice, actor turned director Jugal Hansraj makes it clear that this equation fetches credible results. YRF's dark horse Uday Chopra gets second lease of life as solo hero with hot 'n' happening Priyanka Chopra, pep-fizz music and modish American location as its trendy back-up supports. Musical technocrats Salim-Sulaiman has always been at helm of musical affairs for YRF in recent times and this one too promises substantial buzz with stylish 'Alisha', already a big craze among young listeners. It bears spanking new look with Anvita Dutt Guptan's modish lyrics with bunch of feminine fresh soloists making their peppy act together with style. Can we expect another 'possible' chartbusting extravaganza from the talented duo? Does music has substantial ammunition in drawing out all 'impossibilities' of failures for the flick on its D-Day? Let's be cool listeners in finding out all probabilities of success for this feisty urbane-friendly album….

AA-LI-SHAAA! Breezy and snazzy melodic waves set the blustery pace for the 'beauty-in-town' and creates buzz for the leading lady in cool-caricatured hot soundtrack 'Alisha'. It could have been proud moment for 'Alisha' Chinai in gesturing out this track but Anushka Manchanda's peppy sonorous vocals are the ideal for the mood. It triggers with husky gibberish English wordings ('Hey boy, you are the hunk with the trunk, back in the front, little funky junk…) with the girl being narrative about his dream-boy and soon it flares up with compassion for 'Alisha' in soothing overtones. Is it Priyanka Chopra behind the mike? Anushka's suavity in seductive tones paced with Salim Merchant's blooming voices at intermittent spaces gives it a cool trendy feel. It flourishes as nerdy boy follows his dream love while both share their ultimate dreams 'n' desires in a mix and match of Hindi and English lyrics. Anvita Dutt Guptan's mint-fresh lyrics contort from snobbish overtones to tender emotional maneuvers and makes sparkling impact in giving it out a complete urbane outlook. Anushka's efforts are laudable and so the composition that spells magic with its first rhythmic beat. It's 'remix' by Abhijit Vaghani is in mold of typical 'club' number with beat-juggles and DJ spins gives it volatile dancing appeal. This is surely be gleaming factor in promos and will be an added asset for the listeners. Chartbuster!!!

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'Pyar' (Love) gets into conversationalist discussion of being 'possible' and 'impossible' with lovers discussing all the probabilities of making or breaking in the title track 'Pyar Impossible'. This one carries soft-rock jingling impacts in the prelude with delectable guitar riffs with Dominique Cerejo's slender and thriving Vishal Dadlani's oozing voice as the lead vocalists. Salim-Suleiman's composition has archetypical romantic rock appeal with fine concoction of piano drill, keyboards notes permeating well into tender guitar and percussions to exude out romanticism. Anvita Dutt's upbeat lyrics ('Idhar udhar ki baatein chai ke saath, Raaton karenge jugnu ki baat, Halki phulki hasi gum ke saath, Dil bhi hum de denge lage haath…) catch the emotional graph of 'odd-couple' well with their different mindsets in 'easy-on-ears' phrases. It carries the feel of original soundtrack of a mushy American stylized romantic flick and is presumed to be signifying factor in the screenwriting of the flick. Abhijit Vaghani's 'remix version' carries the kick-drum sluggish beat-structure impact in synchronized manner to give it more narrative appeal than making it a disco-delight substance. It can be presumed to be effective background score and do enjoy mushy sluggish dancing impact in its latter interludes. Go for it!!

Finally, yes finally, geek corners Varun. The marketing dude offers him 50,000 dollars to go back to India, Geek promises to expose him, which he does in the end. Yes, Alisha too realizes that it is Geek that had saved her life, thanks to her daughter's school play, which had a KARZ-like song.

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If you ask me, this movie actually repackages Uday Chopra and the dude does a decent job. He stays in character and actually manages to get on your nerves. Priyanka's role has no strength. Her character falls flat in many places but Priyanka the actor stays firm. The credit says, Dino Morea's is a special appearance, while on screen he actually has a parallel role.

The movie tries to focus on whether love depends on looks and Abhay manages to prove his point when he takes Alisha out in the open dressed as a geek.

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What really went wrong is that the script had no meat. With just a geek as a character and stolen software as a prop, you don't really care after a point because the director gives Abhay enough opportunities to say what he wants. He does not. How you wish the movie was just 25 minutes long.

There are times you even feel that this movie has a ROADSIDE ROMEO hangover. Incidentally, Jugal Hansraj has directed both.

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