Music Review: SECRET SUPERSTAR – Engaging and entertaining

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To say that expectations are huge from the audio of SECRET SUPERSTAR will not be an understatement, as it's an Aamir Khan Production and a musical and even though the movie is almost starless , it does feature (although in a cameo) Hindi cinema's biggest superstar currently, Aamir Khan. Moreover, all offerings from the Aamir Khan stable have boasted of high quality music. And with iconoclastic composer, the brilliant Amit Tridevi and one of Bollywood's best lyricists, Kausar Munir at the helm of musical affairs, things get even more exciting.

The very first song on the playlist, 'Main Kaun Hoon' introduces us to the main lead essayed by Zaira Wasim, who is an aspiring singer and sums up her character, wishes/dreams and aims. It also an insight into her mind, which is in a quandary as to whether she is on the right path. The soft rock based number with a superb crescendo, carrying the lovely chorus is sung exceedingly well by Meghna Mishra with some brilliant and appropriate lyrics.

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Amit's brilliance comes to fore again with the situational 'Meri Pyaari Ammi' which is sort of an eulogy/tribute to a mother. A song fit to be played for all doting mothers on Mother's Day! The tune that Amit chooses is simple with just elementary guitar strums accompanying the song which just get into the soft rock mode towards the fag end. Meghna Mishra does full justice in a conversational type informal number. Lyrics are again in sync. And top class.

Next up, 'Sapne Re', as one can imagine is a nice, soft inspirational situational number, which portrays the dreams and aspirations of the lead, who wants to be a singer but has to hide from her conservative father. Meghna Mishra's rendition is superb and so are the arrangements.

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The song that is all about teenage love, ''I'll Miss You', is rendered well by Kushal Choksi and is sweet, breezy and very identifiable. Kushal's raw, unpolished vocals convey the school boyish charm essential for the number. Once again lyrics by Kausar Munir (a good mix of Hindi, English and Gujarati) are the highlight, where the feelings of infatuation and admiration are aptly described.

The highlight song of the album which appears to be 'the song' that will propel the lead to stardom, 'Nachdi Phira' is rendered superbly by Meghna Mishra. Shot mostly in a recording studio, the track talks about a caged bird, whose dreams get wings, and is a lovely mix of soft rock with superb arrangements, fit to be rendered live on stage shows or reality singing shows.

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'Pasand aye toh like karo, Warna taste change karo', says Aamir Khan, essaying Shakti Kumar, an over hyped superstar-composer-singer, a sort of a mentor to the aspiring singer. But no need to change your taste for the last song on the playlist, 'Sexy Baliye', a light, breezy, rhythmic funny Punjabi laced track, which results in a smile. Mika brightens things up with his over the top (on purpose) rendition, complete with funny 'oohs and aahs'.

Summing up, Amit-Kausar pass with flying colours and meet our expectations in the audio of SECRET SUPERSTAR. The songs are in sync with the storyline, yet engaging and entertaining. Our picks are 'Main Kaun Hoon', 'Meri Pyaari Ammi', 'Nachdi Phira' and 'Sexy Baliye'. A good word-of-mouth when the film releases on 19th October should help the cause of the 'already getting popular' audio further.


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