Tum Mile Music Review

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From the creator of musical hits like GANGSTER, WOH LAMHE, AAWARAPAN and JANNAT: These lines on the CD cover are apt to convey that the expectations from the next album, TUM MILE – from the house of Bhatts', with Pritam as the composer, lyricist Sayeed Quadri and last and not the least music's very own lucky mascot, Emraan Hashmi- are of gigantic proportions.

The team has always delivered irrespective of the box-office success of their ventures, and so music patrons can look forward to another musical bonanza in form of the Kunal Deshmukh directed TUM MILE.

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The album is all the more special as it's the first film in the history of Hindi cinema to have a natural calamity like cyclonic storm as its backdrop, taking inspiration from the night of 26th July 2005 when Mumbai was hit by storm and lashing rain.

The director's note in the CD states: ''The night provided me with a turbulent and dramatic backdrop for the love story I wanted to tell, a night that gave all of us a shared understanding that life is really loaned to us for a very short time and we have to make each moment with our loved ones really count.'' With these profound thoughts let's check out the album without wasting anymore time.

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Opening the album with the enchanting title track, ''Tum Mile'', Pritam showcases his hold over simplistic melody and presents us with three different versions; and wow, all the three are absolute gems!

First to come is Pritam's lucky charm, Neeraj Shridhar, who gets to show us his other side by rendering an all out romantic track, in his trademark lovable style. However, it's neither the simple melody nor the beautiful singing but lyrics by Kumaar which are absolutely spellbinding, so much so that they are instantly on the lips and are easy to relate to, so simple yet so classy. The lyrics are a mix of Hindi with lots of English thrown in to suit Neeraj's popular Bombay Viking style. Neeraj's version is soft pop with arrangements in sync with the style. The song has the staying power and more often than not, one ends up unconsciously singing the extremely hummable part, ''Tum mile to jaadu chha gaya, Tum mile to jeena aa gaya, Tum mile to maine paaya hai jahaan.''

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Javed Ali's version of ''Tum Mile'' (Love Reprise) comes with minimal musical arrangements in the background, commencing with saxophone (George Brooks, Woody and Ritz) with traces of sitar strings, as the breezy melody of the original takes a backseat. The rhythm is more relaxed and the lounge effect takes over. His singing is smooth and vocals alluring. Javed, after the recent ''Bhoola Tujhe''(BLUE), continues to tug at the hearts of the music lovers, and this version is sure to be a hit with those who want their music to be soft and relaxing.

The extremely talented Shafqat Amanat Ali gets his due with the ''Tum Mile'' rock version, and true to the title it is a rocking version all right! The scintillating guitaring by talented artists like Kalyan Baruah, Paresh Kamath, Pawan Rasaily and Krishna, is the highlight of the track, and is definitely the best version, the kind one will play in the cars on long drives, clubs and parties.

Superb piano play and violins commence ''Dil Ibaadat'' and one was not prepared for this extremely pleasant surprise that lay ahead, as ''Dil Ibaadat'' is a touch better than even the title track. Pritam seems to be in prime form and the number is reminiscent of his classy compositions of LIFE…IN A METRO. Once again the emphasis is on simple straight melody, without much twists and turns. The amazing background oriental arrangements take us back to the ''Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai'' (GANGSTER) days and backing female vocals (Suzanne, Neisha and Candy etc.) are beautifully interspersed with the song. And to top it all, K.K., who once formed a formidable team with Pritam (these days he is replaced by Neeraj Shridhar) comes back for this intense love ballad that true to the pining lover boy image of Emraan Hashmi, is sure to hit the charts. Sayeed Quadri's lyrics depicting the state of mind of a lover obsessed by his beloved is fantastic. ''Jo bhi jitney pal jeeyun, Unhe tere sang jeeyun, Jo bhi kal ho ab mera, Use tere sang jeeyun.'' Simply suberb!

Mantra, Emraan's buddy is another actor who catches the eye. This lad has talent and essays his role with panache.

The lyrics melt with the mood and the music blends with the scenes. The story, like all Bhatt films is heavy on romance and the uneasy pain of loving and leaving.

Given the backdrop of the deluge, director Kunal Deshmukh makes a valiant attempt of recreating the last moments of TITANIC. The scenes showing the floods are close to real and take you back in time when the streets became one big sea and the message at the end is 'Stay indoors when it rains.'

Though the film does manage to tug at your heart the length is a big bother, a little snip here and a big cut there would have done wonders for this film. The lead pair of Emraan and Soha is fantastic.

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