Vaada Raha… I Promise Music Review

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EROS International, Samir Karnik and Bobby Deol had given us a small present in form of the heartwarming NANHE JAISALMER. They returned last year with the thought provoking HEROES that additionally boasted of some good music. The same team comes up with VAADA RAHA …I Promise, another medium budget film that lays emphasis on emotions, friendships and relationships.

Though musically expectations are not very high from this flick, yet because of the presence of a host of talented composers like Monty Sharma, Rahul B Seth, Sandy, Babbu Maan and Sanjoy Chowdhury, who have been roped in to compose music, we can look forward to something worthwhile. So, let's see if it's a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth or whether they come up with individual brilliant compositions that make this album worth its money.

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After a good outing in JASHNN, Sharib-Toshi are back with ''Vaada Raha – I Promise'' doing what they are best at, composing a love song that is inspired by their trademark hit number, ''Mere Maahi'' (RAAZ-THE MYSTERY CONTINUES). This lovely romantic number too is in the same corridor as the above. Vocals by Toshi are a delight to the senses; lyrics by Turaz are a good mix of simple Hindi and Urdu.

However, they should now get over their ''Maahi'' hangover as they are becoming quite repetitive. ''Vaada Raha -Remix'' is superbly done, all credit to the arranger (remixed by DJ Sanj) who has made an effort to make it different from the original. ''Vaada Raha-Theme'' is a two and half minute instrumental by Sanjoy Chawdhury and is a laudable effort. Superb culmination of western musical arrangements like piano, keyboards and a good dose of philharmonics. A musical treat indeed.

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Punjabi pop's most popular icon, Babbu Maan's ''Rab Na Kare'' has a three-in-one role, singer, lyricist and composer. As a singer he is excellent as he croons with feelings, as a lyricist he writes from the heart, but as a composer he fails to conjure up a fresh tune as the tune that he uses has a heard before feel to it, reminiscent of ''Apna Jeevan Rail Ki Patri'' (LOVE MARRIAGE).

Although this can be unintentional. The sad number is most definitely a situational track that will be used during some highly charged emotional sequences. ''Rab Na Kare- Accoustic version is brief, super slow with sobbing and thunder sounds in the background.

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Sunny and Bobby's favourite music composer, Monty Sharma, makes an appearance with ''Kubul''. Two extremely talented upcoming singers Parthiv Gohil and Shail Hada (SAWAARIYA fame) and Sharmishtha Chatterjee join hands for the song.

The number, sung in high pitch has some soft arrangements that have been used well to garnish the song and the tune, though slow, is pleasant to the ears and grows with repeated hearing. Lyrics by Sandeep Nath are filmy but assertive of the situation.

Upcoming music composers, Rahul B. Seth and Sandy come up with ''Aaj Aasmaan'', sung by Shaan and Shweta Pandit. Lovely harmonica and clicking finger sounds are a perfect prelude to a breezy love song that has an air of feel good aura surrounding it. And Shaan is terrific in this youthful romantic number, and supporting him with her gentle and sweet vocals is Shweta Pandit. The composers double up as lyricist also and do a worthy job of penning down some nice wordings. Quite a beautiful number which (if) promoted well has the capability of climbing the charts as it will appeal to the youth and Gen x.

After showing enough promise with ''Aaj Aasmaan'', the talented composers Rahul B Seth and Sandy are back with a lovely, inspirational track ''Achal Hain Mere Hausle''. An inspirational composition that is melody based and that's the novelty of the number. The song is rendered by Kunal Ganjawala and chorus, who are excellent. Like their first number, the composer (Rahul B Seth) doubles up as lyricist and does a good job. Although the words, especially in the 'mukhda', sound more like a nursery rhyme but in the 'antara' that is more than compensated for – ''Ab ho kitna bhi andhera , Thokar nahin khaoonga main, Mushkil kitni bhi ho raahein, Yuhin badhta jaoonga main.'' The arrangements like guitar strumming and drill sounds create that required effect.

It appears that the job of creating theme music has been assigned to composer Sanjoy Chowdhury, who after the theme music of the film, come up with two more. First is ''Flying High-Theme Music'', which is a three and a half minute instrumental, but with enough emphasis on background 'alaaps' (female and male) that are quite heart touching. The lovely piano notes and violin are the mainstay of this instrumental. Though it is named ''Flying High'', the music is very slow and soft for reasons best known to the makers.

The ''Lost In Love -Theme'', once again by Sanjoy Chowdhury, has a host of musicians like Dharmraj Bhatt, Sandeep Patil and Bhavesh Bhatt joining in to assemble this piece which will be used as per the situation. Once again this instrumental relies a lot on piano and violin, the change is the breezy background chorus, which is present throughout the instrumental. Nice job!

To sum up, ''Vaada Raha'' delivers what it promises to an extent. The use of too many composers has worked in favour of the album which is full of variety and has their individualistic stamp also. The album has the capability of striking rich but needs aggressive promotion. Our favourites are ''Aaj Aasmaan'', ''Achal Hain Mere Hausle'', ''Vaada Raha'' and its versions.

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