UJDA CHAMAN Music Review


Chand Nikla Music Review
Panorama Studios’ Kumar Mangat Pathak produced, UJDA CHAMAN’s first song, ‘Chand Nikla’, is a Gourov – Roshin composed, Devshi Khanduri penned number rendered in Divya Kumar’s energetic vocals.

It’s an introductory song that showcases the embarrassingly uncomfortable situations arising out of baldness of Chaman Kohli (Sunny Singh) and the difficulties faced by him.

Scenes of him being teased by his students (as he is a Hindi teacher) and his envy and jealousy seeing men and boys with luscious hair is quite nicely portrayed in the song and gives a good peek into what can be expected.


The video ends on a hilarious note as Chaman’s parents discuss his impossible marriage possibility as his father says that he will die a virgin as no girl will marry him! 

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Music Review Twinkle Twinkle
Panorama Studios’ & Kumar Mangat Pathak’s UJDA CHAMAN next unveil ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, which again highlights the plight of the bald-pated (almost!) protagonist, Sunny Singh, as he pines for that marriage partner.


Composed by Gourov-Roshin (lyrics Devshi Khanduri borrow from Gulzar Sahab's  Chappa Chappa’ -MAACHIS) and sung with aplomb by one of the best but under-utilized singer Tochi Raina, the hilarious situational number sees Sunny pleads to heaven and stars for getting married, and will be an important part of the proceedings when UJDA CHAMAN releases!

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Outfit Music Review
Next up is ‘Outfit’, a very typical Guru Randhawa composed, rendered and penned number,  that builds up the romance between the two unmatched leads. Guru Randhawa works his magic here as well with a simple, hummable tune and soft arrangements and his presence in the video too adds to the charm, as is the norm these days.


Although the song harps on the outfits, yet the simple, very casual dressing of Sunny and Maanvi,  romancing amidst the fun fare is heartening.

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O Bandeya Music Review
Next up, ‘O Bandeya’ is a  soulful, semi-philosophical Sufi inspired number, composed by Gourov-Roshin with heart touching lyrics,  befitting the hapless situation of the lead protagonists, Chaman Kohli (Sunny Singh) and Apsara Batra (Maanvi).

The two go about their usual routine,  missing each other and wishing for the return of their beloved is conveyed well through the accompanying video. Yasser Desai does a good job in a difficult to render the song.

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