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Music Review : Aagey Se Right

 Aagey Se Right
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :

Starring :
 Indrajit Nattoji
 Amartya Rahut & Ram Sampat (Guest composer)
 Hitesh Kewalya, Munna Dhiman, Shadab Akhtar and Manish Hariprasad
 Shreyas Talpade, Mahie Gill, Kay Kay Menon, Shenaz Treasurywala and Shiv Pandit

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download AAGEY SE RIGHT wallpapers

download AAGEY SE RIGHT wallpapers

Counting on the extravagant box-office bonanza and mouthful of positive words for KAMINEY, UTV SPOTBOY lauds up with another bizarre titled popcorn entertainer in the form of AAGEY SE RIGHT. Following the trend of entertaining experimental hilarious cinema with funky sounding titles (WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR, OYE LUCKY LUCKY OYE and DHONDTE REH JAOGE), AAGEY SE RIGHT brings back the laughter with the musical expertise of budding composer Amartya Rahut. It also encourages the new breed of lyricist (Hitesh Kewalya, Shadab Akhtar and Manish Hariprasad) with the music that metaphors hilarity and fun. The probability of hitting ''bull's eye'' from this ''gun-on-the-run'' may be low but ''cool'' surprises have always been there. So can Amartya Rahut's timely fired bullets be sufficient enough to hit the bull's eye! Can this spunky laugh riot be the ''right choice'' for the music lovers? Let's find this out...!

Expectations may be low but the spirits are high when loud streams of rollicking rock musical thrives hits like tons of brick with sultry Shipa Rao giving her racing best in ''Mahiya''. Amartaya Rahut makes a blowing hot introduction with this energetic upbeat sounding track that has fine trapping of eclecticism in its ''metallic'' arrangements. Clinton Cerejo's gushing vocals accelerates the tempo and together with pulsating instrumentals, it heads towards' to be likable' offerings in its genre. Rahut's composition works on traditional rock-mode with Hitesh Kewalya's impressive wordings adding zesty fire to it, but it's all over Shilpa Rao again with her oomph that catches the attention. After the super-successful ''Khuda Jaane'' (BACHNA AE HASEENO), there is zany compassion in its ''hard-metal'' binge to be cherished in Shilpa's singing serenading out the towering inferno of the passionate love communion. Rocking!!!


Controversial Ram Sampath makes his massy presence as guest composer by imbibing hip-hop traits of his hit number ''Katra Katra'' (FAMILY) with spicy tinge of ''dhin-chak'' of ''Beedi'' (OMKARA) for a garish ''item song'' titled ''Daav Laga''. Pop diva Sona Mohapatra gets into sensually nasal singing mode (similar to Rekha Bhardwaj) for this ''nautanki'' type of stage show dance number that works with Munna Dhiman's predictable catchy phrases. This Sampath composition is no great hear with overtly heard hip-hop and electronic sounds that works precisely for the hardcore masses and is likely to be fetching better pastures and takers in interiors than in multiplexes.

It's testing time for upcoming Amartya Rahut to spring out comically filled composition for situational hilarious track ''Hippie Tu Jhoom'' but the end result is simply average. Sunidhi Chauhan's gruffly voice is heard more audibly with Kirti Sagathia and Rahut himself working best as chorus singers to give it feisty ''Goan'' beach-party outlook. Rahut would have experimented more with fuzzy and eccentric sounding sounds with nonsensically penned one-liners to give it loud hilarious tones but it has overdo of shouts and jaded wordings to support.

download AAGEY SE RIGHT wallpapers

download AAGEY SE RIGHT wallpapers

The bombastic sounding ''club remix'' of the situational funny track is better hear and works with the hip-shaking mood but nothing spectacular to describe in terms of DJ techno-wizardry.

When we are expecting something creative or extravagant from Amartya Rahut, the anti-climax or rather we say disappointment comes in 80's stylized disco music in below average sounding ''Love Flashback''. Bappi Lahiri's ''happy-go-lucky'' singing fails to infuse ''masti'' and rather treadmills some of his loosely packed average disco songs (from his flop album ''Night Lovers'') with creepy wordings (Hitesh Kewalya) to make this strictly average soundtrack. Suzanne D'Mello is simply wasted in her oomph-y avatar while Amartya Rahut name just adds to the credits.

Poignant to core!!! Amartya Rahut second big spark comes in sensuous ''blues'' number that comes with mild tones of impressive sounding Deepikka Bhattacharya in ''More Piya''. Rahut's composition shares similar tonality and decorum of expressions and arrangements to tracks like ''Maar Jawan'' (FASHION -2008) and ''Kaisi Paheli'' (PARINEETA -2005) with added melancholically jazz feel into it. Talented Deepikka Bhattacharya turns to be ''showstopper'' for this jaded musical show with a song that might promise flourishing thrive to her singing career. Rahut's work shows intellect of infusing modernity into sobriety of expressions with subtle arrangements filled with added jazz touches (saxophones, soft drums, trumpets and piano drills) sufficing to the melancholic feel of this soothing track. This soul-stirring number gets its desired due as it get honored in arriving in two different versions (''Tapori'' and ''Bar'') where ''Tapori'' has street-smart ''Poetically Mumbaiya'' one-liners by actor Kay Kay Menon, while ''bar'' version comes out pristine with Deepikka's silken ''n'' touching voice. Expressive!!!

AAGEY SE RIGHT is rightfully average album that leaves you with two worth-hearing destinations to be traveled again in the form of ''Mahiya'' and ''More Piya'', thanks to some great singing and trendy composing. Amartya Rahut's first big outing fails to be as enterprising as it was for other gifted new talents like Sachin-Jigar (TEREE SANG) or Sharib-Toshi (JASHNN) and works strictly to the needs for this frothy comical ride. This ''gun-on-the-run'' has to find good fortune at the box-office in making all bullets hitting straight into the bull's eye.

Rating - 2/5

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