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Music Review : Luv Ka The End

 Luv Ka The End
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Ram Sampat
 Amitabh Bhattacharya
 Shraddha Kapoor, Taaha Shah, Shenaz Treasuryvala and Jannat Zubair Rahmani

By Satyajit, Bollywood Trade Editorial Send to Friend

view LUV KA THE END videos

view LUV KA THE END videos

Generation "Y" (generation "youth") plays instrumental and is in big chunk for footfalls and eyeballs that makes their way into multiplexes. Yashraj Films (YRF) strongly believed in this commercial factor and decided to launch their sub-division titled Y-Films, a sect that will primarily be working on youth-centric theme flicks.

LUV KA THE END, an atrociously wild teenybopper's delight flick, makes the first dent in this genre/sub-division with ensemble of "wannabe superstars" of tomorrow in the main leads. Ram Sampat, a musical prodigal who made prominence of his composing in film albums like KHAKEE (2004) and FAMILY-TIES OF BLOOD (2006), leads this musical bandwagon with Amitabh Bhattacharya penning up the lyrics. When it comes to imbibing traits of Hollywood's rom-com's, Yash Raj Films did it with success in the past with their new set of technicians, actors and directors. This flick too packs a punch as its promos suggest with music that is likely to be trendiest of the lot. Does the hot "n" happening music of Ram Sampath have enough pep-fizz to create stir among listeners? Let's find out...

Screechy, rebellious and "yuppie" to core! The beginning of the album starts off with the word "end", a snooty Hollywood-ish style "chick-flick" type of track that unravels the mindset of aggressive female metal-rocker in anthem-ic title track "Luv Ka the End". Ram Sampat's mutinous composition is belligerently high on hard-metal rock antics, fuelled with immense vocal energy and electrified fillers that communicates the gist of this urbane-friendly flick. Aditi Singh Sharma's boisterously loud vocals talks of taking revenge and further teaching her philanderer boyfriend lesson in her own way. The songstress got itself into fame with recently released "Dilli" (NO ONE KILLED JESSICA) and was promising in the title track of TURNING 30, and again her wild singing attire works like rocker in building the tempo for this outrageously youthful track. The frothy "yuppie" orchestral flows blended with "girlie" chorals brings the signature tuneful impact of popular Hollywood "teen flicks" like "American Pie", "John Tucker Must Die", "Coyote Ugly" etc and makes you believe that this flick too works on similar multifaceted trendy production designs. In the past, YRF tried out with similar hard-rock "yuppie" feel in tracks like "10 on 10" (PYAR IMPOSSIBLE) and this one too carries bountiful of promise to lure multiplex audiences.

Advanced cinematic techniques have taken its toll in B-town in big way; it makes its strong dent with eye-goggling VFX and playful animation antics in "Freak out". This crazy song is all about "freaking out" adventures of teenager's gang, ranging from partying hard on roof-tops, hanging out in pubs to shopping and making friends on Facebook, a comprehensively engaging lyrical work by Amitabh Bhattacharya that makes it a "cool" affair. Aditi Singh gleams again in her vivacious tones and so do Joi Barua complimenting racing voice that supports her to maximum with similar bizarre and vocal strength. For its uber-cool visual spectacle and funky tuneful beats, this song is likely to growing high on ears and will surely be having major takers among Gen Y listeners.

view LUV KA THE END stills

view LUV KA THE END stills

Nerve-racking sentiments of first date! Suman Sridhar's upcoming "teeny" voice is beautifully streamlined with jazz playing, tangy wind chimes with gushes of frothiness of chirpy wordings paving way for a sweetly toned "girlie" track in "Tonight". This situational sounding number has traits of Hollywood's "chick-flick" theme-track musical flare with girl preparing herself for a perfect romantic evening date. Suman's varying snazzy tones in changing sentimental moods are the biggest highlights while Sampat's contemporary rocking arrangements works to the situational appeal. Once again, it's a visual spectacle that should work better for the on-screen delights and will be promising enough to offer ample dosage of mushy moments.

Nonsensical, bawdy or amusing! After hearing present set of successful "item numbers" , it has almost become impossible to draw line between crudity and entertainment and the next offering to arrive promises to be in cadre of "Munni Badnaam" (DABANGG) and "Sheila Ki Jawani" (TEES MAAR KHAN), as producers suggest in the promos of the flick. It comes under the name and style of "Mutton Song" (...eerie sounding indeed!) with styling of a hip-shaking "Qawalli disco", somewhat on the guidelines of "Kajra Re" (BUNTY AUR BABLI) with slipshod wording and wild singing. Krishna Beura's folksy-toned gives out a "Qawaali" singing feel and impresses in bits and parts but overall the song comes out to be average situational score.

Party begins finally! Going by the feisty subject and immensely youthful theme of the film, the soundtrack titled "F.U.N. fun funna" brings out the ultimate rock-concert and college feast ambience that comes in likable voice of Ali Zafar, a Paki rock star who started off well with rom-com TERE BIN LADEN. This lively hard-metal base rocking number has sporadic 80's drumming thrives that collage with spunky guitar riffs (sounding similar to Kenny Loggins "Footloose"), enthused chorals with impressive yelling-cum-grumbling tones from vocalist in higher notes. Ram Sampath's ultra westernized "cool" composition has contemporary Hollywood's rom-com party feel that should work positively in raising the "glam quotient" of the flick. Ali Zafar's crafted voice gets its first major outing in Bollywood, exuding out moments of partying hard on college feast. If one goes by quality standards, this is the finest track that should bringing up more surprise "n" galore on big screen and if this works, it would be another triumph for this Paki rockstar hunk.

Weird ending for a "Y" film! It comes more of a shock than a surprise to hear anything like "Heppy Budday Beybee" in a youth-centric flick from the most coveted banner of the industry. Stand-up comedian Jimmy Moses, who is fast emerging a lively figure on reality TV comedy shows, mimics out as elated eunuch and irritates us for almost forty five seconds to deliver out this brief musical disaster. What's this....can anybody answer it after hearing this musical piece? Skip it...!!!

LUV KA THE END promises to be fun-filled "teenage flick" entertainment package but cannot be termed as path-breaking musical success. Ram Sampath delivers out an above average album with soundtracks like "Luv Ka The End", "Freak Out", "Tonight" and "F.U.N Fun funaa" that are likely to be growing high on ears in days to come. Despite strong "yuppie" connotations in all its soundtracks, the album lacks one "killer punch" soundtrack that can hit high and big on charts. For its intrinsically Hollywood-ish rom-com appeal, the album will have restricted appeal but will have strong acceptance from teenager's sect of listeners. The surprise elements of the album are the new breed of singers (Aditi Singh Sharma, Joi Barua, Suman Sridhar and Ali Zafar) that shows loads of potential in the performances. The music may not be as magnanimously strong as the grandeur of the production house but delivers what it promises.

Rating - 2.5/5

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