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   Music Review : Woodstock Villa

 Woodstock Villa
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Hansal Mehta
 Anu Malik
 Virag Mishra
 Sikander Kher, Neha Oberoi, Saif Ali Khan, Arbaaz Khan

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view WOODSTOCK VILLA movie stills

view WOODSTOCK VILLA movie stills

Sanjay Gupta’s “cool” musical aesthetics has always been major spotlight in promotion and exhibition of his stylized hi-octane action packed thrillers. WOODSTOCK VILLA maintains the streak of this energizing musical mechanism with similar enthralling magical gusto thrust. Surprisingly speaking, the man-in-command is not any leading or upcoming trendy composer but an old war horse Anu Malik. After the recent disappointment of slapdash ANAMIKA, Anu regains major ground with some mesmerizing melodies, thriving disco tracks with added listening enchantments in the works of ever dependable Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The party goes full blast with Indi-Pop sensation “Aryans” making their first promising move and Shibani Kashyap adding more spark with two thrilling tracks.

How would you react to wordings like “Ek Dhoka Deejiye Doosri Muft Paayeeaa…?” This “one plus one” “Dhoka” special soundtrack brings out the raunchiness in intimidating contours of seductive oomph in the vocals of gruffly paced Aanchal Dutt. This spicy “cardio-videos” stylized shot track has grueling impact of RGV’s patent horrifying numbers like “Jo Dar Gaya” (DARNA MANA HAI) with thrill of “Jaaniye” (DUS KAHANIYAN). Despite its bizarre wordings, its heavy loaded party feasting antics will be creating new style statement and will be adding extra meat in DJ’s collections. It’s bouncy “club” remix version (by DJ Nawed and Nikhil Chinappa) has pulsating zing that enthralls with deliriously sounding DJ’s beat -juggling impacts and claps.

Mika career kick-started off with average sounding “Sawan Mein Laag Gayi” and now this comes out with a “make-over” by Anu Malik with extra upbeat arrangements. Virag Mishra’s added wordings get into the mood but overall it lacks the luster and persistence. The effervescently peppy “club” remix (by DJ Nawed and Nikhil Chinappa) is too loud on thriving beats, echoing impulse and low on varying beat-patterns but still should find itself catchy with DJ’s collections.

After an average “Kashmakash” (SUNDAY) and “Life Peeche Peeche” (SIRF), Shibani Kashyap’s svelte and shimmering pop vocals zooms up to extra level in daunting “Dhoka Dega”. This terrifying sounding track is presumed to be haunting background score where the horrendous repercussions of giving “dhoka” (deceit) gets a lingering monologue in spine-chilling ambience of mildly paced orchestrations. “Raakh Ho Ja”, another intimidating track by Shibani comes in seductive vocal textures with upbeat feel of jazz and electronically profound musical appeal. This sounds like a crooner specialist number, high on drum-beat and jazz-feel, where seduction, deception and evocation forms the emotional core in its sluggish display. Shibani Kashyap makes her promising appearance (if not chartbusting) as enthralling soloist in both situational dark “noir” stylized solo tracks.

After impressive “Sone De Maa” (by Indian Pop Band “Euphoria” in SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA), it’s delightful to hear another promising Indi-Pop band (“Aryans ((DJ Narain, Sadu, Yakub and Sunny)”) making their big way in tinsel town with “Kyun”. It comes out as rocking true “blue” rock number, reproduced by Bappa Lahiri, that’s heavy on scintillating electric and rhythm guitar strumming, power chords, rigorous drum-beat patterns in its delirious backdrop. This “music video” spotlight will be on Sanjay Dutt playing with guitars and do sense some really towering inferno of hard-rock metal feel as it goes all blast in its last maneuvers. Go for it!!!

Anu Malik makes another remarkable musical move by inculcating the vocal prowess of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan into the harmonic decorum of melancholically gloomy track “Koi Chala Ja Raha Hai”. Its touching loner’s sentiments (similar to “Awaarapan Banjarapan” (JISM)) gesticulates the distressed lover’s soreness that finds the trapping of impressively sounding synchronized arrangements. Virag Mishra’s expressively emoted poetic wordings are the finest for the album while Rahat’s varying baritones reminisces back to his recent hit number “Jag Soona Soona Lage” (OM SHANTI OM). If shot aesthetically, it’s likely to another big hit from Rahat Fateh Ali Khan that will be adding substance to the flavor and feel of the film. Expressive!!!

It was really enchanting to hear smoothening track like “Aaja Soniye” (DUS KAHANIYAN) and now the same celestial romantic feel gets transcended into lovable textures in “Yeh Pyar Hai”. Shaan’s soothing low octave singing is sheer delight to ears with impounding “lounge” impact adding extra colors to it. Aanchal Dutt softens her vocal chords to the mood suitability in matching the serene touches and making it an altogether delightful listening experience. Soulful!!!

Anu Malik makes resounding comeback with WOODSTOCK VILLA by getting into the upbeat musical moods with tracks like “Koi Chala Ja Raha Hai”, “Dhoka” and “Yeh Pyar Hai”. Indi-Pop band “Aryans” makes promising entry with “Kyun” while Shibani excels both as composer as well as singer in two tracks. In nutshell, the album delivers what it promises and like all other Sanjay Gupta albums, this too deserves accolades for being multifaceted as well as entertaining in its packaging.

Rating -3/5

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