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   Music Review : Dasvidaniya

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Starring :
 Shashant Shah
 Kailash Kher
 Kailash Kher
 Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey, Rajat Kapoor and Neha Dhupia

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view DASVIDANIYA videos

view DASVIDANIYA videos

Time and again the trio of Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey and Rajat Kapoor have regaled us with films par excellence, be it the rip roaring BHEJA FRY or the laugh riot cum thriller MITHYA (with Rajat as the writer and director). Even though the music of the films may not have been a highlight feature yet it was an integral part of the film's proceedings. And with ace actor Vinay Pathak turning producer with his own production house, Lemontea Productions, DASVIDANIYA certainly is a very special film and its association with One More Thought Entertainment makes the film all the more special as they are known for some quality movies with wholesome entertainment package. Renowned sufi singer Kailash Kher has been chosen for providing music for the film and he has enlisted the support of his two talented brothers Paresh and Naresh in his endeavour. So let us check out what the association of such talents has in store for us!

The album commences with 'Muskura' and we have Sonu Nigam , the artist who undoubtedly is Bollywood's best vocalist and one who comes closest to the great legend, late Mohammad Rafi. And Kailash, keeping that factor in mind has entrusted him with a composition that is so much in the same mould as the age old evergreen Rafi numbers. The semi philosophical number has a very soft and subtle rhythm, unhurried and relaxed and it has an age old charisma which combined with some beautiful display of accordion, an instrument made popular during Raj Kapoor days. Who can forget the original showman Raj Kapoor and his accordion in the songs 'Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega' and 'Ek Din Bik Jayega'. Well truly Kailash has made great use of the instrument in bringing forward the mood of the composition. Sonu is simply class beyond compare and it's sad that he is rarely heard these days. A number that has a moral in it as well and coaxes people to be happy in times of stress and face problems with a smiling face.

The instrumental version of 'Muskura' too leans on the accordion for support and it forms the background of the sound and keyboards and synthesized rhythm along with some nice sitar sounds make it a nice outing. The in-between display of the accordion is delightful.

Since the title of the film is DASVIDANIYA (a Russian word) which means goodbye in English and 'Alvida' in Urdu, so the next number 'Alvida' can be termed as the title track and can be heard as a background score in its promos. For all those who have freaked out on Pritam's hard rock 'Alvida' (LIFE... IN A METRO) will definitely savour this one. A superb offering, a gentle mix of soft and hard rock and to top it all we have Kailash's heart wrenching vocals which simply blow the heart and soul with its simplicity and pain. The superb use of guitar is a pleasant surprise and it raises the level of the composition to the nth level of brilliance! The mental state of the lead protagonist, who is short on time in life, is highlighted brilliantly through the musical arrangements and the lyrics. The best part of the song is undoubtedly the lyrics which are simply outstanding. Sample some heart touching lines - 'Dil ke rishton mein kyon dard hamesha milta hai, Aur kyon kaaton par hi phool sukhon ka khilta hai, Yahi hai sach to main is sach ko hi apnaoonga, Mar jaoonga par main pyar amar kar jaoonga.' Simply superlative!

view DASVIDANIYA movie stills

view DASVIDANIYA movie stills

The 'Alvida' remix is brilliant as the rhythm and pace of the song has not been tampered with and the additional added rhythm in the background only helps its cause in making it more trendy and in sync with today's times. It will find patronage amongst the youth frequenting discos and pubs.

After the two emotionally charged numbers it is time to unwind yourself with 'Mumma' and the simple guitar strums in the beginning provide a perfect beginning to a sweet-sweet number. And on these simple guitar plays and a nice synthesized rhythm rests the song which becomes all the more special because of its very cute wordings. The way Kailash has rendered the song (must hear how he pronounces mumma, its hilarious!) it's so humorous. 'Tu gussa karti hai bada accha lagata hai, Tu kaan pakadti hai bada zor se lagta hai.' One did not know that the intense sufi singer had it in him to compose and render songs which are humour laden too and definitely 'Mumma' pleasantly surprises the listeners!

To sum up, Kailash certainly is a highly talented and versatile composer and the makers have indeed made the right choice in choosing him as he creates music with his heart and soul and not in keeping with the current trend. All the songs in the album are integral to the film and it looks as if a complete sketch of DASVIDANIYA is presented to the listener through the compositions. The outstanding ones are 'Alvida' and 'Muskura' which will definitely make even more impact on screen as they have the capacity to move the listener to tears. It will not be an exaggeration to say that DASVIDANIYA has an excellent musical score which will definitely be an added advantage when the film releases, as the audience will be treated to more than just an outstanding film.

Rating - 3/5

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