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Music Review : Hide N Seek

 Hide N Seek
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :

Starring :
 Shawn Arranha
 Gourov Dasgupta and Chirantan Bhatt
 Krishna, Ravi Basnet, Prashant Ingole and Sarim Momin
 Purab Kohli, Arjan Bajwa, Mrinalini Sharma, Amruta Patki and Samir Kochar

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view HIDE N SEEK movie stills

view HIDE N SEEK movie stills

Young, fresh talents like Purab Kohli of ROCK ON!! and Arjan Bajwa of FASHION fame, along with Mrinalini Sharma, Amruta Patki and Samir Kochar come together in this horror thriller that has quite a novel concept of friends fighting unseen forces, trapped in a mall. Thrillers have mostly provided music that is fast and sets the adrenalin pumping and with talented music composers like Gourov Dasgupta and Chirantan Bhatt, one can look forward to some novel grooves as both have some very good to decent albums to their credit. Gourov was wonderful in DUS KAHANIYAAN and AA DEKHEIN ZARA while Chirantan Bhatt made EMI worthwhile with his compositions. So, let's see if their combined efforts deliver the goods this time around.

It's the versatile Krishna who has been endowed with the privilege of opening (and also penning the words) the album with the Gourov Dasgupta composed 'Jingle Bells'. The song is a parody based on popular Christmas carols like 'Jingle Bells' and 'Silent Night Holy Night' and those not well versed with Punjabi sense of humour might even find it in bad taste. However, taking the main song into perspective, the song itself is totally ancient Punjabi folk ('Baari Barsi) based and makes good use of synthesized 'been' sounds, harmonium and 'dhol'. Krishna uses his earthy vocals to good effect and tries to recreate the 'Bhootni Ke' magic but to no avail. His lyrics may appear funny to some but some may find it offensive. The ending is based on the highly popular 'We wish you a merry Christmas'. The song may find favour with a few youths but overall it will fail to emulate the success of 'Bhootni Ke'.


The song also appears as a remixed version, 'Jingle Bells-Remix' by Roshan Balu but there is not much difference between the two except for the same old heightened pace and added synthesized beats.

Gourov Dasgupta gets a chance to redeem himself as Krishna comes in for the second round with 'Kaise Jiyu' , a song which has been promoted well as undoubtedly its the best of the album. The track opens with Krishna's sad, melancholy vocals giving a gist of what to expect. The song itself has all the ingredients of a hit written on it, but the fact remains that only music's lucky mascot, Emraan Hashmi, can do justice to such numbers on screen as the audience has come to associate him with such numbers. The Atif Aslam, Mithoon style has been done to death but one must commend Gourav for charting out a number that may find itself in that corridor but has its own intrinsic charm and added touch, especially its literally rocking climax towards the end. Ravi Basnet's lyrics might appear routine but is the demand of the situation.

The 'Kaise Jiyu-Remix' by Noize Inc. is a delight and adds to the pleasure of listening with its addendums like background female chorals and nice synthesized rhythm which accompanies the song throughout. A real entertainer and a smashing hit.

download HIDE N SEEK wallpapers

download HIDE N SEEK wallpapers

Its Gourov's turn yet again who brings in the flavour of the season, Suraj Jagan, with the heart thumping, adrenalin pumping 'Maula'. Soft piano and keyboards notes intermingled with hard percussions, a rare confluence, open the all rock number. Considering the presence of the original rocker, Suraj, one expected the song to take that route. Superb guitaring is a norm in this song filled with lots of chills and thrills. The song comes to a thumping climax as all hell breaks loose and the composition gets into the acid rock mode with Suraj exercising his vocals to the limit. The lyrics by Prashant Ingole, where the main protagonists seek divine help in their hour of crisis is good and conveys the fear as well.

The troika of singer Suraj Jagan, composer Gourov Dasgupta and lyricist Prashat Ingole come back with the title song, 'Hide And Seek', a highly fast paced, situational track that may find place as a background number during the tense moments of the film. The English 'mukhda' is highly rhythmic and the song provides just the insight that audience needs into this horror thriller. With music that is scintillating with superb use of keyboards, bagpipes and percussions, lyrics which are spine chilling and singing by Suraj Jagan which is exemplary (minus the bad diction), the song is a classy outing, the type that one expects from a Sanjay Gupta kind of dark noir films.

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Guest composer, Chirantan Bhatt comes in to sign off the album with the extremely rocking 'Friday Night' and its a song dedicated to the youth of today who thrive on discos, cappuccinos, pasta, sms, size zero (as per the lyricist) and everything that is in vogue. Since all the lead protagonists of the film are young and fresh the song is an insight into the lives of the youth of the metros and big cities and lyricist Sarim Momin has done a very good job as he juggles up words with ease and provides the platform for a highly interesting outing. Chirantan has done a superb job of combing retro and rap into an entertaining medley and a commendable job as singer too. The female rap portions sung by Aanchal and Jaspreet Kohli lend the song the much needed attitude and oomph with their rendition.

The 'Friday Night-Remix' is a mere space filler as the song itself was quite rhythmic and happening and did not need the added pace and rhythm as the beauty of the original is spoilt, although the rap portion is good.

On the whole, the HIDE AND SEEK audio album takes quite the expected route and the music is in keeping with the subject which has the potential to gain popularity once the movie is released. Though 'Kaise Jiyu' is undoubtedly the pick of the lot, 'Maula' and 'Friday Night' too are good efforts. Gourov and Chirantan have done their job well, although none of the songs are chartbusters or way above ordinary, which was required since the film has relative newcomers in the lead and music had to be extraordinary to give the film a good opening when it is released.

Rating - 3/5

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