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Music Review : Kites

Director :
Music :
Lyrics :

Starring :
 Anurag Basu
 Rajesh Roshan
 Nasir Faraaz and Asif Ali Beg
 Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori and Kangna Ranaut

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view KITES videos

view KITES videos

One of the most successful transitions from actor to director (KHUDGARZ, KHOON BHARI MAANG, KARAN ARJUN, KRRISH etc.) is that of Rakesh Roshan, who along with veteran composer, brother Rajesh Roshan, treated music lovers to some high class, melodious music under their banner Filmkraft. Exactly a decade ago, another Roshan, the most charismatic star of them all, Hrithik Roshan , joined them and together they went on to create box office records with KAHO NA PYAR HAI. Now ten years have gone by and super hero Hrithik has stamped his authority and proven his box office clout (both in India and Overseas) time and time again.

The father son duo have a hundred percent success record and uncle Rajesh has always stood up to the occasion and come out of hibernation to compose chartbusters for Hrithik. Blockbuster films like KAHO NA PYAAR HAI, KOI... MIL GAYA and KRISHH all had memorable or good music. In fact the music of KAHO NA PYAAR HAI and KMG is still popular amongst the youth. And going by the trend this should continue with KITES, a truly international film with Spanish star, the vivacious and pretty Barbara Mori. But this is for the first time that a film starring Hrithik (under their banner Filmkraft) is being directed not by his father but Anurag Basu, another super successful director (MURDER, GANGSTER and LIFE...IN A METRO). Anurag too has ears for good, classy music and all his previous films had some lovely songs to boast of. So, with gargantuan expectations we go ahead and savour the musical offering that these super creative minds have for us.

It's a typical Rajesh Roshan soft, sentimental love ditty (that we are so used over the years) that opens the album and so naturally when we come across 'Zindagi Do Pal Ki' its nostalgia revisited. Rendered to perfection by K.K in his highly lovable high pitched style, the beauty of the song lies not in its catchy 'mukhda' but its beautifully paced 'antara' that is absolutely magical as it unfolds slowly and yet manages to grasp the attention of the listener. The number is not entirely a romantic offering but its semi philosophical in its outlook too, and that is what makes it unique and special. Veteran lyricist Nasir Faraaz , who is a regular with the Roshan camp, has done an outstanding job of combing the two themes and coming up with a song that is way above the ordinary as was the demand of the situation. The old world charm is prevalent (with traces of R.D. Burman- Kishore classic , ' O Hansini Meri Hansini' from ZEHREELA INSAAN ) throughout the composition which is laced with beautiful harmonica and soft synth instruments. A superb composition first up!

'Zindagi Do Pal Ki-Remix' by DJ A-Myth will be appreciated by those who like fast beats and heightened tempo, though frankly the original beauty of the track that lay in its relaxed paced is hampered to an extent.

An eclectic mix of piano, flute and keyboards sounds announce the arrival of the next number, 'Dil Kyun Yeh Mera' and as can be gauged from its title, the song is another romantic composition, though this time its an all out romantic interlude with a slight sad touch to it. And once again its K.K who gets the honor of rendering the song for Roshan junior. The highlight of the song are the beautiful effective lyrics by Nasir Faraaz who shows how simple words can work like magic in conveying countless emotions that tug at the hearts of the romantics! 'Dil kyun yeh mera shor kare, Idhar nahin, Udhar nahin, Teri oar chale.' The musical arrangements, almost similar to a philharmonic orchestra in parts, keep changing with the change in tempo of the song that ranges from very slow pace to extremely high pitch and lots of violin and other string instruments can be heard. K.K is the perfect choice for such a composition.

'Dil Kyun Yeh Mera-Remix' by DJ-A-Myth is well done and the added synthesizers and rap have spiced up the somewhat dull (as per those who live life in the fast lane) original, thus making the song more lively and pacy.

download KITES wallpapers

download KITES wallpapers

Two fast emerging rock stars, Vishal Dadlani and Suraj Jagan, come together for 'Tum Bhi Ho Wahi', a highly charged dance number that has its roots in naturally, what else, but rock! Its their combined singing that creates a magical sensation that would surely be a grand spectacle on screen with Hrithik Roshan showcasing (probably) his majestic dancing skills to thrill his fans and viewers alike. Superb rocking and rolling orchestra and dramatic drum beats are the only musical companions in some portions of the song which goes into hard rock mode towards the latter half, culminating into an all out rock extravaganza. Once again lyricist Nasir Faraaz pens down situational lyrics . And it's is now all up to Anurag Basu and the choreographer to bring it out effectively and light up the big screen and do justice to the song.

'Tum Bhi Ho Wahi-(Remix)', is not much different from the first version except that the tempo has been upped a bit and with some additional musical bits. The track is suitable for slightly fast ballroom dancing.

Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have all done it and now its the turn of another superstar, Hrithik Roshan, to showcase his vocal talent and join the Bollywood singing club, although with a difference, in English! Frankly one was a bit apprehensive at first when we had heard that Hrithik has lent his voice for a song in KITES but lo, behold, Duggu surprises us as he sings like a pro in the Neil Diamonds and Cliff Richards kind of soft style. 'Kite In The Sky' is not your typical English DHOOM kind of track but more of a soft, slow love ballad that will surely find its place in the background or used as a narrative. Sample the lyrics - 'Kites in the sky soaring together, Lovers forever, Forever is a lie.' Suzzane D'Mello who has mostly been associated with Pritam, sings in Spanish (lead female protagonist Barbara Mori is from Spain and the film too is based there) and does a good job although its Hrithik all the way who is center of attraction with his rich baritone vocals declaring his love in what can be labeled as the title track or the theme song. Lyricist Asif Ali Beg pens words that unfold the mood and theme of the movie right before the listeners and one can get a sneak peak into what can be expected from the film.

Rajesh Roshan saves the best for last and its the two versions of 'Fire' that are absolutely rocking. Superbly programmed and arranged rhythm proclaims the start of the song which in the beginning appears to be more of an snazzy instrumental . The deadly rhythm also has shades of Hrithik's very own 'Ek Pal Ka Jeena'(KAHO NA PYAR HAI). However as the four singers, the veteran composer Rajesh Roshan, Vishal Dadlani, Anushka Manchanada and Anirudh Bhola take over, all hell breaks loose and one is sucked into the vortex of the scorching fast paced rhythm and deadly beats. The sounds of travel and movement are quite apparent due to the rolling drums in the dramatic background. Just like KRAZZY 4 title track this song too is a superb mix of simple English and Hindi lyrics which the youths swear by and loves to use, and lyricist Asif Ali Beg has done his job well. Since the film has its base in Spain we can hear shades of music that is used during Flamingo and tap dancing in Spain and overall we have a highly fast paced dance track, almost an answer to the DHOOM title track. Yet again here is looking forward to seeing the magic unfolding on screen with Hrithik dancing his way into our hearts all over again like he has done innumerable times, and this time he will have the hot and super sexy Barbara Mori (or even our very own Kangna) for company. What more can we ask for!

The English version is no different from the original except of course its all English . The deadly programmed synthesized rhythm, the musical condiments, the fast paced tempo, everything remains the same. Even the four singers are the same, Rajesh, Vishal, Anushka and Anirudh. May be it will be used in the International markets where the makers plan to release KITES and the Hindi version will be used in India.

Given the fact that the release of KITES is still far off, there is enough cushion period for the music to nurture and bloom, given its merits. One can easily visualize the tracks blending seamlessly into the KITES proceedings on screen. The standout numbers are 'Dil Kyun Yeh Mera', 'Kites In The Sky' and 'Tum Bhi Ho Wahi' not that the remaining ones are any inferior! There is every chance of KITES catapulting to the top of the charts and staying there for a while!

Rating - 4/5

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