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Music Review : Table No.21

 Table No.21
Director :  Aditya Datt
Music :  Gajendra Verma, Soumyadeep Burman (Remix) and Sachin Gupta
Lyrics :  Gajendra Verma, Aseem Ahmad Abbasee, Jaspreet Jazz and Sheershak Anand
Starring :  Rajeev Khandewal, Tena Desae and Paresh Rawal

January 3, 2013 11:30:43 AM IST
By Abid, Bollywood Trade Editorial
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Director Aditya Datt rose to prominence with his very first film, AASHIQ BANAYA APNE, which was a surprise hit and it also saw the big time emergence of Emraan Hashmi as music's lucky mascot, and propelled composer Himesh Reshammiya into the top league, although after that he did not come up with any films or music worth remembering. However, with his upcoming game thriller, TABLE NO.21, starring actors like Rajeev Khandelwal, Paresh Rawal and Tena Desae, things promise to be different, and especially in the music department, which is handled by the promising and talented Gajendra Verma and Soumyadeep Burman and also Sachin Gupta.

view TABLE NO.21 stills
view TABLE NO.21 stills

Caressingly soft piano notes and violin and Gajendra Verma's canorous vocals usher in the first song of the album, ''O Sajna'', a uniquely beautiful separation/'judai' number that has been adorned with lovely music arrangements and haunting melody. Puja Thaker's sweet and strong vocals are a perfect foil for Gajendra. Lyrics a mixture of Punjabi, Hindi and English are expressive and in sync with the tragic and hopeless situation.

''O Sajna''
remix is nice with added rhythm and beats.

Soft acoustic guitar strummings and drums kickstart ''Mann Mera'', a superb romantic number with a captivating racy melody that stays back long after the song is over. Excellent lyrics that are just not simple but very refreshing as well as add 'chaar chand', and Gajendra Verma's sonorously dew fresh vocals point towards a definite chartbuster. The song promos featuring the hot sensation Tena Desae and the handsome Rajeev Khandelwal on the exotic beaches of Fiji have already helped the cause of the song.

view TABLE NO. 21 videos

''Mann Mera Remix'' with racy tempo and heightened rhythm is good but the original is better.

Guest composer Sachin Gupta comes in for the title or shall we say the theme song, ''If You Lie You Die'' and even though the song starts pretty well with Paresh's cynical vocals, ''Yeh reshmi zulfein, Yeh sharbati aakhein'', the song in the end (especially the 'mukhda'), turns out to be the nth version of Pritam's super hit ''Bhool Bhulaiyaa'' title track. Sachin however redeems himself in the 'antara' which is good. Neeraj Sridhar and Jaspreet Jazz (comes in for the rap) render this situational number. Lyrics are apt and Kabeer's 'doha' ''Kal kare so aaj kar'' has been used well.

The soundtrack of TABLE NO 21, even though brief, is quite appealing, and the composer has done a superb job and is surely a talent that one can look forward to. His two compositions ''Mann Mera'' and ''O Sajna'' make this a worth checking out album.

Rating: 3.0

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