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Music Review : Tere Bin Laden

 Tere Bin Laden
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :

Starring :
 Abhishek Sharma
 Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Dhruv Dhalla, Abhijit Vaghani and Ali Zafar
 Jaideep Sahni, Dhruv Dhalla, Jaspreet Singh and Ali Zafar
 Ali Zafar, Pradhuman Singh, Sugandha Garg, Nikhil Ratnaparkhi, Piyush Mishra, Rahul Singh, Seema Bhargava and Barry John

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view TERE BIN LADEN videos

view TERE BIN LADEN videos

Post 9/11, Bollywood has shown their big concern over the issue with films that were largely based on serious topics like Islamic terrorism, conflict between moderate and extremist Muslims approach and repercussions of it on Muslims in America. On the flip side, TERE BIN LADEN (meaning Without You Osama Bin Laden), breaks loose from this gravity and comes with format of dark comedy. Following the spate of Pakistani rock talents, this album brings out their youth sensation Ali Zafar in a multifaceted avatar of singer, composer cum lyricist and also as lead actor in this fun-loving flick. To everybody surprise, it has successful triumvirate of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (S-E-L) as the lead composers with Dhruv Dhalla, Amitabh Vaghani and Ali Zafar, adding out as guest composers. As predicted from its quizzical title, it packs loads of whacky comical entertainment and demands set of situational background score to usurp the hilarious feel. Despite its low-profile, the film has been garnering limelight for its peculiar title with composers trying their first attempt at slapstick comical flick genre. Barring the exception of MY NAME IS KHAN (2010), this year has been low key affair for S-E-L and expectations are also bleak from this laugh-riot. It's also an acid-test for Paki rock talent Ali Zafar, who is all out for off-beat acting cum singer launch in the marquee. Can TERE BIN LADEN be the one desired musical success for immensely talented S- E-L? Does Ali Zafar have that bundle of talent that can make him newsmaker in coming days? Let's find out...

Abusive or Amusing! Cuss-words have found their way to film titles (KAMINEY -2009) and now sounds loud and high as next experimental mode of entertainment. Following the successful buzz of tracks like 'Ishq Kamina' (SHAKTI -2002) and 'Pappu Can't Dance Saala' (JAANE TU YA JAANE NA -2008), S-E-L compose weird sounding track titled 'Ullu Da Pattha' that works more on titillating youth audiences with its absurd wordings and funky electronic beat patterns. After delivering massy hit 'Chak De Phatte' (KHOSLA KA GHOSLA -2006), lyricist Jaideep Sahni rhyme and rhythms the wordings with almost similar sounding 'howlarious' arrangements that should be lapped in garish DJ parties. Ali Zafar makes his singing debut in Hindi filmdom with Shankar Mahadevan's thriving vocals giving it a thrust to make it a complete massy affair.

It's highly enthralled 'club' remix version is peppier in its jiving hip-hop sounds where electronic beat juggles and DJ spins adds to the disco feast.

The slapstick comical flavor gets maintained with humorous sounds, nonsensical voices and wishy-washy lyrics that make sporadic collage of affairs in situational sounding 'Shor Sharaba'. Dhruv Dhalla along with Amitabh Vaghani composes this disco-beat thrilling track that is high on funky beats, weird noises and sounds and works primarily as fun-filled background score track in the funny moments of the flick. Suraj Jagan makes an impounding presence of lively affair with Jaspreet Singh in loud tones but it's all-together a sound-oriented track that is expected to deliver pep-fizz for the lively comical moments.

After delivering impressive set of 70's thriller based tracks in JOHNNY GADAR (2007), S-E-L takes another experimental splurge into whacky composing and delivers the finest of soundtrack of this album in 'I Love Amreeka'. Jaideep Sahni's descriptive lyrics are amusing and content-oriented ('Zindagi hai high enlarge, Come on down get recharge, White house to the white castle, Burgers, babes and high on bill...), delivering out passion to be part of 'Amreeka' (America). Shankar Mahadevan's grounded voice plays stable platform for the proceeding along with sultry paced Anusha Mani and Akriti Kakkar, giving it a theatrical comical feel. S-E-L try their bid at comical genre and deliver out a decent performance with modestly paced arrangements. Like all previous tracks, it's a visual experience with all nonsensical happenings taking centre-stage in flows of hi-pitched sounds and beats.

view TERE BIN LADEN movie stills

view TERE BIN LADEN movie stills

It's 'reprise' version replaces Ali Zafar as lead male soloist with almost similar wordings and composition but sounds meeker than the first version.

Ali Zafar sings out the third version of 'I Love Amreeka' that comes with brief duration and similar sounding quirky sounding arrangements in 'Welcome to Amreeka'. It's again situational comical musical piece that should be spicing out comical endeavors on big silver screen. Swelling on folksy Punjabi moods, Dhruv Dhalla composes the funkier paced 'bhangra' beat track that brings out the gist of tomfoolery happenings in enthralling 'Kukduk'. Master Saleem (of 'Maa Da Laadla' -DOSTANA) enjoys this peppier sounding disco-beat 'bhangra' that has conventional sounding 'Main Koi Jhooth Boliya...' as its frivolous punch-line and makes it another slapstick entertainer. Like 'Ullu Da Pattha', it has nuances of 'Chak De Phatte' and has catchy tuneful beats that are arranged well with whacky 'kuk-doo-coo-chicken' sounds. For all those who have cherished tracks of this variety, this will be festive add to their collection and another positive move by the singer in this genre.

In the bedlam of nonsensical wordings and funky sound arrangements, there is something called 'melody' that erupts in typical Paki soft-rock mode in impressive sounding 'Bus Ek Soch'. For the first time in the album, Ali Zafar makes resounding presence as soloist cum lyricist and delivers in his conventional somber style of singing that should impress rock-music fans. It is synthesized on subtle acoustic guitar strumming that is matched in tonality with lighter punched percussions to deliver out motivational binge of the protagonist. This may not be as impressive as singer sentimental hits like 'Jugno Se Bhar De' (Album- HUQA PAANI (2004)) or 'Mere Haathon Mein' (Album MASTY (2007)) but befits the occasion well with rationally written lyrics that should infuse 'soul' to the subject. For the first time in the entire album, it makes Ali Zafar 'audible' for his quality show and makes his status of contemporary Paki rock talent visible and adds some sobriety to this 'no-brains-all-laughter' music album.

TERE BIN LADEN is an off-beat situational album with bunch of above average to average soundtracks in its kitty. Musically speaking, it has one bright spot in 'Bus Ek Soch' while the rest of the soundtracks work for the hilarious comical feel of the flick. Going by the present massy trends, there may be surprises in tracks like 'Ullu Da Pattha', 'I Love Amreeka' and 'Kukduk' but it will be scripting of these tracks on big screen that will make them shine on its D-Day. S-E-L fail to be as imposing as they are in their earlier years and play to the needs of the situations. Ali Zafar has little to offer while Dhruv Dhalla and Amitabh Vaghani needs better opportunities to prove their worth to make their mark in filmdom.

Rating - 2.5/5

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