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   Music Review : Dus Kahaniyaan

 Dus Kahaniyaan
Director :

Music :

Lyrics :

Starring :
 Hansal Mehta, Meghna Gulzar, Sanjay Gupta, Apoorva Lakhia, Jasmeet Dhodi
 Gourov Dasgupta, Bappi Lahiri, Shafqat Ali Khan, Anand Raj Anand
 Virag Mishra, Panchhi Jalonvi, Ambar Hoshiyarpuri, Ibrahim Ashq.
 Sanjay Dutt, Sunil Shetty, Nana Patekar, Neha Uberoi, Dino Morea, Vidya Balan, Amrita Singh, Aftab Shivdasani.

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Download DUS KAHANIYAAN Wallpapers

Download Dus Kahaniyaan Wallpapers

When it comes to musical styling, movie maverick Sanjay Gupta has risen to the occasion every time (DUS, KAANTE, MUSAFIR, and ZINDA) in imbibing traits of numerous genres, talents and flairs into one munificent packaging. DUS KAHANIYAN, a hitherto effort(3 CD Pack) showcasing music par poetry excellence (similar to NAMASTEY LONDON) is fantabolous offering that delivers entertainment through 26 original soundtracks (6 club versions, 11 lounge versions,11 poems) from range of talents. Debutante composers like Bappa Lahiri, son of Bappi Lahiri and Gourov Dasgupta proves to be swashbuckling entrants for their trendy flamboyance. Besides these promising prodigies, contemporary Anand Raj Anand supercedes all his recent average efforts while Paki pop sensation Shafqat Ali Khan graduates potentially to composer’s mantle. Gulzar’s poetical expressions (in “Poems” CD edition) surmounting the theatrical exquisites of ten different stories are an added class listener’s delight.

Gourov Dasgupta’s first tryst with uproarious trendy musical thump in “Dus” is scintillating package of thunderous sounds, pulsating rhythms and vociferous outburst. This emblematic offering has outrageous and belligerent vocals of KK and Anchal where “Gregorian Chants” stylized signature tunes sizzles vigorously with pugnaciously punched arrangements. DJ Aqueel’s “club” aesthetics gives it a “cool” dancing floor make-over in its remix version with snazzy DJ scratches, spins and disco beat fillers making best of it in its racy flows.

Like “Maahiye” (KAANTE) and “Zinda Hoon Main” (ZINDA), Sanjay Gupta’s peculiar flashy feminine voluptuous binge plunges into another groovy belligerent textures of seductive singing and ear-splitting disco flows in seductive “Jaaniye”. Gruffly throated Sunidhi Chauhan leads the show while Aanchal gets another stunningly hot track that can really set the dance floors on fire. Dasgupta along with Roshan Balu makes another glittering move in its “club-house” pulsating remix version where yelling vocals along with rollickingly disco flows creates a commotion of affairs on floors.

Download DUS KAHANIYAAN Wallpapers

Download Dus Kahaniyaan Wallpapers

Sudhanshu Pandey (one of lead vocalist of “Band of Boys”) resurrects his “lost in woods” singing career in a stylish rock cum jazz (blend of guitar riffs cum saxophone notes) love track along with Shweta Vijay in impressive “Aaja Soniye”. Virag Mishra’s poetic flows along with Sudhanshu’s Indi-pop fling lend a brilliant mantle for Dasgupta’s finesse in furnishing a potential love ballad. Even it’s “club” remix has rhythmical drumming that coordinates well with booming vocals in pulsating disco beat fillers backdrop.

“Nach Le Soniye” brings back the Punjabi yore of Mika where one can expect boisterous concert buzz but the sparkling zest of “Mauja Hi Mauja” is missing. “O Mahiya”, an echoing and pulsating love ballad brings out the racy vocal charms of Shweta Vijay along with KK with loads of electronic sounds. It’s “club” remix has intrinsically “club-house” belligerently flowing elements that will be adding delight to the floors.

Shafqat Ali’s voyage in tinsel town acquires another remarkable forte with traditional “Sufiana” harmonic moves in melancholically poised “Kaala Peela”. This “Bhule Shah” traditionally phrased “harmonious” track is a classy delight where Shafqat’s characteristically refined vocals are amicably coordinated with sinuous instrumental flows. “Vichodeya Na”, another emotional track by Shafqat, is shades different as this time it’s strong and intrinsic Punjabi Sufi flair that rules the senses. It’s an excruciating sentimental outcry that is infused with traditional instrumentals with tinge of feminine supple chorus.

Bappa Lahiri, another refreshing composer gets a major boost in his first outing with “Mushkil Kushaa”, a poignantly romantic track by promising Kshitij Tare. It has fine blend of soulful penetrative wordings by Panchi Jalonvi and heart warming vocals that are beautifully mesmerized to perfection.

Download DUS KAHANIYAAN Wallpapers

Download Dus Kahaniyaan Wallpapers

Anand Raj Anand’s promises his most prize worthy performance with soulfully pristine “Bin Tum”, where KK’s mellifluously emoted vocals forms brilliant chemistry with Panchi Jalonvi expressively rhyming wordings (“Aankhon Mein Intezar Ke Badal Baras Gaye, Hum dekhne ko aapka chehra taras gaye…”) in a remarkable conceived composition. Undoubtedly, this KK’s solo track supercedes all potential works in the album and deservedly adds many feathers in the caps of composer, singer and lyricist. “Bhula Diya”, another soulful musical outcry by Anand Raj Anand promises another package of refined poetry by Ibrahim Ashq where his vocals form delectable equilibrium with its mellow arrangements.

Finally, there is idealistically penned prosaic poetic ebullience of Gulzar (in Poems CD) that forms icing on the cake for this overtly decorated album. Nana Patekar’s intense wordings in “Tere Uttare Hue Din” (story – “Gubbare”) is nostalgia of heydays while Naseerudin Shah voices out his thoughts about “eight billion years” of earth in “Dair Aayad” (story –“Rice Plate”) and adds melodramatic edges in emotional “Khuda” (story- “Rise and Fall”). Sanjay Dutt displays the game of life through moves of “shatranj” in “Chaal Chalo Tum” (story – “Rice and Plate”), Sudhanshu Pandey’s huskily paced voice turns poetically realistic in “Talaq (story –“Matrimony”)”, Manoj Bajpai shows his verbal flair as he pitches high in “Khaali Samundaar” (story-“Zaahir”) and hauntingly low in free flowing “Mujhe Taalash Nahin” (story- “Sex on the beach”). “Raat Tamir Karein” (story – “Purnmaashi”), a malleably soft instrumental flowing poetic work has impressive Amrita Singh delivering the prosaic phrases. Neha Dhupia remarkably recites finely penned Urdu wordings with dash of echoing in “Hatak” (story - “Strangers in the Night”) while Dia Mirza maintains Gulzar’s legacy in emotionally touching “Khudkushi” (story – “High on Highway”). Veteran Anupam Kher’s well timed melodramatic pauses and recitation has classy Urdu phraseology in “Bauchar” (story – “Lovedale”) that are clubbed beautifully with shimmering chorals.

DUS KAHANIYAN is an epitome of Bollywood’s musical affluence and versatility that nurtures and grooms up entertainment for all segments of listeners. Undeniably it will be among best selling albums of this year and will be adding many talents to the musical fraternity with some really chartbusting hits to its credits.

A Perfect DUS Album!

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