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   Music Review : Gulaal

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Starring :
 Anurag Kashyap
 Piyush Mishra
 Piyush Mishra
 Deepak Dobriyal, Kay Kay Menon, Aditya Srivastav, Piyush Mishra, Ayesha Mohan, Jesse Randhawa and Mahi Gill

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view GULAAL videos

view GULAAL videos

In an era of political turmoil worldwide, Anurag Kashyap's realistically violent GULAAL comes out as a new-age political vendetta saga. Like its revolutionary theme and subject, the film brings in new flair of experimentation in music with actor-cum-writer Piyush Mishra making his first major dent as composer in the tinsel town. Kashyap's BLACK FRIDAY (based on 1993 Mumbai blasts) and recently released DEV D was a path-breaker and also critical success (both musically and theatrically) and now GULAAL opens up new chapters of hysterical political scenario with some penchant on-screen performances. Can GULAAL turn out as colorful musically as its title? Can Piyush Mishra's cinematic intellect and Anurag Kashyap's bizarre vision be sufficient enough to raise the curiosity quotient of the flick through this audio packaging? Let's gets straight into the facts and hear what GULAAL has to say to us...

Political lyricism finally makes a strong occurrence in Hindi filmdom where Piyush Mishra's raunchy cum impish wordings discuss worlds' most happening events with satirical naughty tinges in ''Ranaji''. Rekha Bharadwaj's intrinsically folksy tones makes loud references to 9/11 incidents with feel that is strikingly similar to ''Mujhko Ranaji Maaf Karna'' (KARAN ARJUN). As a composer and lyricist, Piyush Mishra makes sufficient novel moves with style of music that belongs to Vishal (OMKARA) style of music. Courtesan singing act finds another melodic stir with Rekha Bharadwaj's delivering out ''Beedo'' with similar spicy moods and gestures. Unlike ''Ranaji'', this one has strong Indian classical affixation with strong amalgamation of ''tabla'', ''sarangi'' and harmonium in typical Rajasthani folksy raunchy flavours. Piyush Mishra makes strong inspirational lift from ''Namak'' (OMKARA) with Rekha's nasal twang setting her flair and mixing it well with ''mujra'' type music. Both these lively tracks sets out an ethnic picturesque of events and serves well with amiable folksy music that can set the desired pace for this blood-curdling political warfare saga.


''Yaara Maula'', a poignant and tear-jerking Sufi number comes with subtle undertones of emotions but with ferocious outrage of politically driven violent events in belligerent sounding composition. After successful ''Bandey'' and ''Bhram Bhap Ke'' (BLACK FRIDAY), Anurag Kashyap prefers the likes of INDIAN OCEAN with lead vocalists Ashim Chakravarty along with Rahul Ram setting the floors on fire with ''hard-rock'' belligerent beat patterns. The song is like a thunderous audio background score where innocent students are forced into blood-thirsty game of power and politics. It has the venom, aggression and compassion of volatile happening and is well inundated with thriving rock music display.

Legendary poet Kavi Pradeep (famous for patriotic songs like ''Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon'' ) gets a befitting tribute with Piyush Mishra impersonating his flair of writing and singing style in album's most promising attribute ''Aarambh''. It sets out a commotion of impulsive happening that sets the stage of the beginning (''Aarambh'') of new era. Mishra makes maximum impact as an erudite lyricist by making philosophical references and poetic allusion of the red hot-blooded ''gulaal'' (red-color) with the aggressive and vicious mindset of the protagonists. Mishra's somber and deep-tone baritones have shades of Kavi Pradeep's singing and it's a great innovative feel to rechristen out this legendary luminary with the track that holds the maximum semblance with the subject. Expressive!!

view GULAAL movie stills

view GULAAL movie stills

Recently Shilpa Rao made a strong impact with ''Dhol Yaara Dhol'' (DEV D) and her good works continue with expressively mournful romantic soundtrack ''Aisi Sazaa''. The deeply resonating vocal textures make an amiable concoction with thunder sounds and daunting arrangements, epitomizing the loneliness and desolation. Piyush Mishra's wordings are poetic delight again and its Shilpa's vocal flows that carries out the verbose movement of varied gloomy sentiments with her prowess. For all classy listeners, it's a great hear and is one of the best heard melancholically profound romantic works heard in recent times. Overall, it's a great hear and toil from all departments that raises the mantle of Mishra high and adds shades of romanticism to this violent flick. Impressive!!!

Swanand Kirkire makes strong folksy appearance with Piyush Mishra in emanating out the ferocious and gory happening of violent warfare in situational earthen background score ''Sheher''. After hearing acrimoniously aggressive phrases in this song, one can expect it to be convincingly conceived engaging background score where flickering camera movements does all the needful in capturing out all nerve-racking and distressing events.

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Once again, it's an ode to golden bygone era where Piyush Mishra unravels back to Guru Dutt's sadistic period in rehashing out ''Yeh Duniya Agar Mil Jaye'' (PYAASA) in ''Duniya''. Like ''Aisi Saaza'', it carries intrinsically dark and gloomy sentiments where protagonists feel lonesome and cheated in this dubious looking ''duniya'' (world). Mishra impresses more as a vocalist than lyricist with strong command over classical music singing and again its feel is restricted to classy listeners.

Curtains of this revolutionary political melodrama musical falls down with an unplugged vocal rendition of Rahul Ram in distressing ''Raat Ke Musafir''. It comes out with dosages of experimentation where Rahul Ram tries to be theatrical than melodic with minimal orchestral exhibit in the backdrop. Mishra's meaningful lyrics excel again and Rahul Ram voice makes you feel again about the philosophical references of ''musafir'' with the war-path that he treadmills.

Like all Anurag Kashyap's previous flicks, GULAAL dares to be experimental as well as innovative in its treatment and rendition. It excels to a great extent and dares to swim against the tide with soundtracks that brings a feel of bygone era with couple of haunting background score connecting well with the aggressively violent feel of the flick. The album goes out especially for classy listeners with tracks like ''Aarambh'', ''Aisi Saaza'' and ''Yaara Maula'' shaping out well while ''Ranaji'' and ''Beedo'' holds amusement for massy listeners. Piyush Mishra makes a remarkable presence as multifaceted musical figure and GULAAL is one example that can set new standards in music for realistic cinema.

Rating -3/5

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